Experience Korea at home with the newest samyup delivery service Itaewon Samgyup🥢🇰🇷

Are you a fan of KPOP, K Dramas? Most probably you are a fan of Korean BBQ Grill too ! Itaewon Samgyup is another KBBQ Joint that you should try this GCQ.

Itaewon Samgyup is an online samgyupsal food delivery . They do not a have physical store or restaurant . They come up with this business idea this Quarantine period since people prefer delivery at home for their safety. They started June 8 and named it Itaewon Samgyup because of the K series Itaewon Class which was a big hit in Netflix.

Experience Korea in your home

Please refer to the photo below for their Menu⬇️


My family and I are samgyup fan and I’m glad we’ve finally tried Itaewon Samgyup. From side dishes to meat , i enjoyed every single moment of my korean bbq experience with Itaewon Samgyup

Itaewon Samgyup at Home

My verdict : Premium quality meat that is delicious , and very affordable. Most of all I loved the service and I can stay indoors and enjoy it with my family at the comfort of our home for as low as 299 pesos !

How to order

Steps on how to order their Frozen Samgyupsal

  1. Pumili ng gusto ninyong samgyupsal products at mag check out sa kanilang website: http://bit.ly/itaewonsamgyup
  2. Magbayad Online thru BDO/ Gcash para sa madaling transaction
  3. Isend ang screenshot o picture ng proof of payment sa aming FB messenger 👉m.me/itaewonsamgyup
  4. Hintayin ang confirmation payment bago mag book ng rider para pumick-up ng order (Lamamove,Grab, Mr Speedy, Joyride)
Delivery available everyday within Metro Manila

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Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/itaewonsamgyup/

Website : http://bit.ly/itaewonsamgyup

No need to travel to Korea when you have Itaewon Samgyup to deliver right at your doorstep.