Nicola: Healthy & Delicious Salad dressings , dips and sauces

There were many dressings , dips and sauces in the market but I was so choosy when it comes to the right brand, and glad I found Nicola.

Nicola dressings, dips , sauces

The brand name Nicola was named after their daughter Nicole . They are also a foodie family . Their products were recipes of Nicole’s dad developed through the years .

At first they started offering their products to their friends and they noticed that their customers were growing and they realized that now a days many people are looking for healthier food options that tastes good.

I’ve tried three of their products. First the Beetroot. Paired it with plain biscuits . Simply delicious , healthy and versatile. Next was the pesto, used it on noodles to make a delicious and healthy pesto pasta. So easy to cook. Last was the Promodoro. Paired it with a crunchy tortilla chips. So fresh and it can be use also for pasta.

Beetroot Hummus
Organic Kale Pesto

All these three products I have from Nicola was so good ! Enjoyed using each one of them.


Nicola joined Yummy Home Kitchen to make their products more visible in the Market: Yummy Home Kitchen is a Private online group in the South where they held regular food fairs in their villages.

Here are the prices :

Pomodoro. 750ml.


Hummus 250ml

Php 280

At Nicola, when healthy tastes good! Homemade and Preservative Free…

They can arrange delivery via Lalamove or Grab at buyers expense. Try their products too. It never fails to satisfy their customers

May order thru

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