Lady Antipasti has just created something unique and special this March!

Lady Antipasti was recognized as the Most and Trusted Online Antipasti Shop National and because of that it inspired them and continued to serve their customers even better this 2020 thats why they come up with new line up of products .

First, they have launched their Lady Antipasti Epic Salad Bar. Its a “Build Your Own Salad Bar” . You can dress up your salad , and here’s the inclusion in the Build Your Own Salad.

Romaine Lettuce, Kale, Green ice lettuce, Iceberg lettuce, Carrots, Bell Pepper, Alfalfa Sprouts, Cucumber, Cherry tomatoes, Pinto beans, Pico de gallo, Salad dressing, Shredded chicken, Eggs, Bacon bits and more.

Build Your Own Salad Bar

Can’t get enough and the salad bar was so colorful. Lady Antipasti macaroni salad was so good and according to them it’s the mom’s owner recipe plus the nacho chips was so crunchy and perfect to the salsa.

Antipasti Cones Wall and Beverages Wall

Next was the Antipasti Cones Wall and the Beverages Wall. So if your having a party or event soon. Try something different and unique by booking this new services of Lady Antipasti. Each Lady Antipasti cone cost 150 pesos only and the Beverage Wall, you can choose from wine, cocktails mocktails , and champagne. Impressive but affordable so make sure to have reservations early .

Antipasti Cake

Then they have this Antipasti Cakes. So if your tired of the usual cakes on your birthday , you may try this one this time. Cakes doesn’t have to be sweet all the time . The Antipasti Cake is only 1,000 pesos . It has Pepperoni

Olives, Hungarian Sausage, Colby Jack Cheese, Pepperoni Lyoner, Monterey Jack Cheese, Salami Milano. Get your potluck share from this Lady Antipasti cake.

Mini Caviar Cake

They have also launched a Caviar Cake. It’s not your usual dessert cake. This caviar cake is actually an appetizer and usually made from fish eggs. Perfect pair with salted crackers . Lady antipasti caviar cake gives you a whole new experience and an explosion of flavors into your mouth so this is really a must try cake . Lady antipasti serve with elegance so reserve now this mini caviar cake for only 800 pesos . Explore and experience the bursting flavor. It’s one of the cheapest and good quality of caviar cake now in the Metro.

Lady Antipasti Champorado Box Kit

Last is the Lady Antipasti Champorado Box Kit! Champorado is one of our favorite comfort food especially for breakfast or merienda. The Lady Antipasti Champorado Box Kit can serve up to 2 persons for only 199 pesos ! Plus their Gourmet Tuyo was a perfect topping for the Champorado!Comfort food made so easy by Ladyantipasti. You can bring your Champorado box kit , anytime , anywhere because it’s so handy .

I love Lady Antipasti New Offerings!

Now more reasons to love Lady Antipasti with their new products and services . Stay tuned to their social media accounts as they getting bigger and bigger and continuously serving you with high product and good services . No wonder why they have been awarded last 2019 by Q Asia Awards as “Best Antipasti Supplier from the South”.

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