Where to find the best Japanese Beef Cubes in Manila ? Choose Saikoro Steak !

Have you heard of Gyu Kushi? Osaka Japan is said to be the home for Gyu Kushi which means “ skewered beef “ and has become a popular dish now in Manila .

Saikoro Steak is the best distributor of this Pure beef meat that melts in your mouth . Saikoro means “ Dice”. These beef cubes are sliced into diced . Sharing these melts in your mouth since 2014 , imported Japanese cubes straight from Japan.

Here’s the products that they offer :

Saikoro Steak – ( 1 kilo per pack ) approximately 85-88 pcs for 1, 350 pesos and 750 pesos half kilo approximately 41-45 pcs . Then they also have Yakiniku Ebara Sauce 200 pesos for 330 ml.

My friends and I had a pool party last week and we decided to have a BBQ party at home . I called their hotline and glad they have a quick same day delivery . I called Miguel at 09562742774. It was a smooth and fast transaction. They offer also a pick up point at 158-B Sct. Ganda Quezon City.

Our orders got on time . My friends and I are excited on what to cook and how to cook it. They also sell this Iwatani Yakiniku Portable Griller. It’s a # 1 Trusted Brand in Japan .

Grilled BBQ, Grill; Skewers, Seafood Stove

Iwatani the General Chemical House roast and BBQ stove grill stove table top stove cassette type BBQ CB RBT. A yakiniku grilled with table top stove.

Iwatani Yakiniku Portable Griller

Here’s how to cook the Saikoro Steak:

We used the saikoro steak cubes in Mi Goreng, a popular spicy noodles from Indonesia, also with popular rice from Korea which is Kimchi and simply garlic rice topped with pan fried saikoro steaks but it’s much better if it’s grilled . It so juicy and flavorful . Happiness in every bite . It really melts in your mouth ! Delicious , Simple and easy to prepare .

Mi Goreng
Kimchi Rice with Saikoro Steak on Top

Garlic Rice with Saikoro Steak on Top

I highly recommend if it’s grilled . Perfect pulutan. You may pair it with Sake or your prefer liquor drinks like beer or tequila. Now we have the perfect pool party because we have good food from Saikoro Steak.

Grilled Saikoro Steak

Summer is the perfect season for grilling . Pool or Garden parties for the holidays are a hit. You may impressed your guests with grilled to perfection Saikoro Steaks Japanese Beef Cubes that melts in your mouth . So you can orders yours and give your family a a lunch , dinner and gatherings to whole new level . Make Saikoro Steak the Star of your party . You may book their Full Saikoro Steak Grilling Station . Please refer to the photo below for the sets they offer .

Or if you have time , you may visit them and spend your Saturday at Salcedo Market from 7am to 2pm to get to taste the FRESH and JUICY Saikoro Steak .

So if you want to make your meals more exciting and delicious, order now and you’ll come back for more . A Taste of Excellence. Would really recommend this to relatives and friends .

If your kitchen, restaurant, catering service or deli and looking for a FRESH and PURE Japanese Beef Cubes #saikorosteak can supply you with the highest quality beef and open for RESELLERS.

Last but not the least. SAIKOROSTEAK goes eco-friendly! Your favorite melt in your mouth Japanese Beef Cubes will come with their very own reusable and durable bag.

They are accepting BULK ORDERS for DELIVERY and PICK UP.

Contact them

fb: facebook.com/saikorosteak

ig: @saikorosteak

mobile: 0956.048.2889

📍 Salcedo Saturday Market

🗓 Every Saturday

⏰ 7am – 2pm


📍 158-B Scout Gandia Street, Brgy Sacred Heart, Quezon City 1103

🗓 Monday – Friday, Sunday (by appointment)

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