Laguna’s Creamiest Halo-Halo first branch in Quezon City!

Ben’s Halo-Halo opened Its first branch in Congressional in QC. They just opened last Decembwr 14, 2019.

They served Breakfast , Lunch , Merienda , Dinner. They served Pasta, Sandwiches. Rice Meals, Pika-Pika, Coolers, Drinks.

Lets start with Rice Meals. We tried their BBQ Ribs, Chicken BBQ, Braised Beef, Beef Tapa, Longganisa .

They have delicious and affordable Rice meals that you can enjoy any time of the day. Serving was generous and plating was beautiful . Price starts from 100 pesos only to 195 pesos .

Then next was Pasta. We had Spaghetti , Spicy Chicken Pasta; Bacon Brocolli, Tuna Pasta. They dont have palabok which is the usual pair for Halo-Halo but Ben’s wants to be different so they created these unique pasta flavors . The Bacon Brocolli is a must try. Loved the Tuna Pasta too. Both healthy to eat pasta.

Then they also have two kinds of Lomi. Both Hot and deliciously good. You may choose from Beef or Chicken Lomi for 105 to 115 pesos .

For Sandwiches, they have this Burgetti. Its a burger plus a spaghetti in one ! Cool right ? Imagine a Spaghetti inside their burger . Another food you need to try at Ben’s if your curious how it taste like .
We had Nachos for Pika-Pika . I liked the way they present it as the toppings of nachos was separated from the Nacho Chips. They offer also fries and Chicharap.

Last but not the least. Ben’s famous cooolers was the highlight of my Foodie trip with friends. They have Sis unique flavors . They have Spicy Winter ( 110 ) , Salty Summer (115) , Banana Con Yelo (105) , Mais Con Yelo (105) , Macapuno Con Yelo (140) and the Original Halo-Halo (105) .

Ive never find a place that offers a variety of halo-halo flavors . Tried the Spicy Winter since Its one of a kind and unique . There’s a chili on top. The first sip of my halo-halo was spicy but the more you eat it the more you cant get enough . So creamy and no sugar added. All natural fresh milk was used. Loved the ice they used, similar to a gelato ice.

The place was big , feels like your in the provinces with the ambience with their wooden chairs and tables.
Open from Monday-Sunday 9am to 10pm
They accept delivery and cash basis only as of the moment .
Located at Phoenix Gas Station Congressional Avenue Exit Pasong Tamo Quezon City.
Call them at 09669305638
Follow them at social media :