Spice up your life with Chili in the City Ph delicious bottle !

What’s the best chili sauce you tried so far ? I’ve found the right one for me ! I’ve tried so many chili garlic sauce but this brand name “Chili in The City” is now my favorite dipping sauce to my favorite dishes .

Chili in the City PH is a homemade Chili Garlic with Olive Oil. It’s goal is to make your lifeless meal exciting in a healthy way. The good thing about their product is that is was made from all natural ingredients and definitely no preservatives added. So every meal will become 100 percent more delicious with this incredible Chili Garlic Sauce.

Chili in the City Ph started last September 2017 and because for the love of spices , the recipe made of this full time mom of three kids that started as a hobby turned into small business in helping other homes through her homemade chili garlic by spicing up the dishes in every home . They are different from the rest because also of their garlic bits and savory sauce that we can enjoy in a healthy way .

Where to use this ? Almost every dish, you can use it as a topping to any fried dishes and I tried it to pair with my pork siomai for my merienda. Loved the combination. Now I’m excited to try this to my other favorite food !

The taste was perfectly right . The packaging was also nice and sealed properly . You can give this also as a gift or giveaway. You may enjoy it also on your next Netflix movie session . Thank you Chili in the City for spicing up my life with your must try chili garlic bottles . I would love to recommend to family and friends.

How to order? So easy to reach !

Viber : 09159862441

Email : chiliinthecityph@gmail.com


*Shipment within Metro Manila can be done the same day via Grab Express / Lalamove

Mode of payment : Bank Transfer



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