Celebrate Life Occasions with Pambansang TakeOut!

I am so excited to share the story of Pambansang Takeout.

First of all, #pambansangtakeout is the official name or #PTO for short is a takeout and delivery food provider serving “party size” dishes. Their platform is mainly online because they recognize that the business landscape is shifting towards anything done with ease and everything at the click of an app icon or via social media.

Their vision is in their name. They look forward to establishing more store outlets and be recognized as a preferred food provider for life celebrations nationwide even though we are just beginning. They started their operations just this September 3, 2019 but have steadily gained intense momentum – and they would like to believe it is because of the taste and quality of their food more than anything else.

Their specialty is mainly pasta and noodles, but they decided to include other dishes that they think are – (or should be)- party must haves. They also included a couple of original recipes which they fervently believe will later become a staple for Filipinos.

Their concept started when their initial food business venture did not go well. They opened a canteen near a school in Cainta – to which they lost a lot of money mainly because their operations heavily depended on school schedule. The school closed for several weeks on account of trimestral breaks, holidays, even government declared “no school days” due to weather! They learned though that people liked their food and would go the length of placing orders ahead asking if they can deliver. They thought they can do that, and much more, if they would go online. So they decided to close the shop and cut their loses, but they were intent pursuing that concept. They did some testing for several months ( almost 1 year) asking people what they thought of their food until they have finalized their menu. Several project planning meeting and consultations happened alongside that until they felt comfortable to open the business.

About the Owners- Emil partnered with Kris Reyes, and have been together for 7 years already and while they have multiple sources of income (In BPO HR Director and a unit manager for an insurance company while the other operates their carwash and also an insurance advisor), their purpose is really to create opportunities that will help others. One of their staff for example who used to cook for them and do clerical work, is now part owner of the business because they greatly believe in her potentials. Part of their income also is allocated towards a foundation they support. Their hope is to be able to grow their business so they can create more opportunities to help others. It may sounds cheesy but it’s true.

Glad I found about them on social media so decided to call them upon arriving at Rainforest Park in Pasig last December 11 for a Mini Picnic gathering with my foodie friends that afternoon.

Everyone was so busy and no time to cook or drop by to a fast food so Pambansang Takeout is a heaven sent that all our worries were gone because all we need to do is call them and wait for our food . The transaction was smooth , we just called their number and they deliver it inside the park .

Really impress on how they brought the food because it was organized and no spill . They carefully delivered it . Party trays were well packed and has a holiday look. The Palabok has a ribbon 🎀 that is a perfect food gift too . They also give us FREE balloon so it’s really like a party.

We ordered Family Size Lasagna, Lumpiang Sariwa, Cordon Bleu, Tilapia in Special Mango Sauce and Rice. The serving was so generous and so big plus the price was so affordable. It’s like a feast when we had it on our picnic table .

Their food is not the usual dishes that you can taste from other online food delivery service . Their Tilapia in Mango Sauce is a must try . Loved everything about their food . They also offer Beef Rendang , Lumpiang Shanghai, Sisig, Crispy Pata and a lot more. Looking forward to try that dishes .

You may order via Grab Food or simply send them message on Instagram and Facebook.

You may call them at 02 75861977 or 09175200878.

Opens from 9am to 9pm. Cash Basis only .

For a hassle free potluck parties or events . Make Pambansang Takeout a part of your special occasions .

Thank you for making our picnic gathering a memorable one !

Unit 6 4J Town Square Soliven Corner Rosemary St Greenpark Village Cainta Rizal