Pookabery Cafe gives you an all new vegan and Holiday menu this season !

Pookabery has a wonderful gift for all of us to make our holiday more exciting as they launched additional food to their colorful menu .

Pookabery is a New York Art Cafe that serves quality coffee and pastries and they take pride of their locally sourced coffee beans and guilt free drinks and desserts .

Opened on May 2019 owned by world renowned Pop Artist and her talented wife Jeanette who has a background in culinary and has advocacy on women’s rights .

Jeanette and her fantastic team was busy in the kitchen this holiday creating edible vegan and non vegan dishes that everyone will surely love. Their goal for the cafe is that who enters empty will leave full .

Last December 7, my foodie friends came with me to visit Pookabery cafe as we heard about the new menu that they launched for this holiday . My foodie friends were all excited as most of them are first timers and they heard a lot about Pookabery so they were so happy to finally visit the cafe .

Food served that day are the following:


Disco Fries – 89

Empire State Tower Nachos – 200

• can’t imagine that their appetizers are not only delicious but the serving was generous and so affordable.

Ugly Rice Bowls

Adobo Rice Bowl , Uncle Sam Breakfast Bowl ,Breakfast ni Juan , Kabute Rice Bowl all for 149 pesos .

• This is perfect for students as they can enjoy these deliciously healthy prepared by Pookabery with a very affordable price . Even those who are working offices near Pookabery can enjoy this . If your tired with fast food , you try these rice bowls .

Wagyu Platter

⁃ What a delectable japanese meat cooked for us by Pookabery with their own version of apple sauce . If you haven’t tried wagyu , you should !

Unlimited Wings

Brooklyn (sweet savory with a kick), Manhattan ( fruity habanero with a twist ), Bronx (Buffalo style) , Long Island (Lemon Butter and Parmesan cheese) and Soho (Soy and Garlic) for the price of 299!

⁃ you no longer need dips or sauces as the chicken wings has mouthwatering flavors that will spice up your appetite. The price was a good deal .


⁃ this is not a new dish but this is one of the food why foodies goes back to Pookabery . We got avocado , pork loin and adobo. All these paninis flavors are so good. Feel heavy as it was so big and healthy . You can share it too if you have companions . Price is from 220 to 240 pesos


Special Chili Mushroom Spaghetti for only 249 pesos . All of us loved it ! It’s one of their best seller too.


Very Pookabery (Ube Ice Blended) 16oz 160

Graceful Matcha (Hot & Cold) 160

Inspire (Thai Tea)

Success (Iced Blended Caramel Macchiato) 160

Empathy (Oreo Matcha) 170

⁃ I always order the Very Pookabery not because it’s their best seller but because I love Ube ! All their drinks has motivational names and that’s what make them unique.

Pookabery‘s Collaboration with Ms. Camile San Diego who started Veggie Guys and came out with A full vegan menu of the Plant Based Project in order to provide and cater to the Vegan Market and made them a great team. Here’s what they offer :


Nachos 125

Ham and Cheese Sticks 125

Cheese Dynamite 125

Smoky Broccoli Florets 150

Buffalo Cauli Bites 150

Eggplant Mojos 110

⁃ Their PBP Sampler is 349 pesos only . I loved everything on this sampler . Especially the eggplant mojos


Ube Champorado- 99

Cashew kare-kare with rice

Vegan Crispy Pata Rice. 150

Continental breakfast- 199

Pineapple Fried Rice – 299

• toppings ( tofu squares , vegchon, spam ) just add 50 pesos

100 percent plant based meals . Time to go for a healthier lifestyle because health is wealth and we only have one body so we should also be conscious on the food we eat .

They also have some sweet gift offered like this Palilo De Milan . Food gifts are always the best gift for Christmas. It has a very cute Pookabery Christmas packaging.

If course the Souvenir shop was still there where you can buy cute and fun merchandise.

And since Christmas is a time for giving , my foodie friends brought some toys and put it in the box which you can found when you visit Pookabery . It’s the wife’s owner advocacy to help on Project Pearls which we can help them on giving free breakfast everyday for this kids who is experiencing poverty .

You can enjoy some you time at their cafe. A place of love , peace and harmony . You’ll love also the artsy walls made by Marco . Totally an IG worthy cafe in the Metro!

Price is definitely budget friendly . For Pookabery , eating good food and quality food doesn’t have to be expensive .

Service is always be a two thumbs up as Pookabery people are always friendly and accommodating. They have a people friendly atmosphere.

Overall, my Pookabery experience with friends was unforgettable. Sharing good memories with my friends at one of the best cafe in the Metro !

For birthday and events you may book Pookabery too. It’s also a celebrity cafe as many shows shoot their TV shows here.

Everybody loves Pookabery 💜

Follow them on social media:

Instagram: https://instagram.com/pookaberrycafe?igshid=pqcxxmv0rwnh

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/pookaberrycafe/

📍 36B Sct Ybardolaza St. Quezon City

Website: http://www.pookaberrycafe.com/

Phone : 02- 7509250

Mobile :09179685414