Ang Paboritong Crab Paste ng Bayan! Cleys Pure Crab Paste 🦀

Many Filipinos is craving for Purong Aligue or “Crab Paste”. We can used it in different recipes . You may mixed it on rice or in your pasta .

Cleys Pure Crab Paste owner has been an online seller for so many years . It all started when people are asking if she knows where to get a crab paste so that’s why the owner decided to make and sell a crab paste since their hometown was Orani Bataan and known for Crabs and Shrimps. She started the crab paste business last January 2019

They have been featured at Umagang Kay Ganda and some celebrities has tried it too!

Here’s some facts on what makes Cleys Crab Paste different from other crab paste brands in the market .



Q: Bakit yung Crab Paste nyo mamantika?

A: kasi nga po, purong TABA po sya ng Alimango at Alimasag. Kung wala pong mantika tiyak na may halong bread crumbs po yun..

Q: Bakit yung Crab Paste nyo 5-7 days lang pwede sa room temperature..pero yung iba umaabot ng 1 month kahit wala sa ref?

A: kasi po ang nagpapatagal lang po sa Crab Paste nila ay organikong suka lang, di katulad ng iba na ibinuro nila sa madaming asin at preservatives ang aligue nila kaya nagtatagal kahit wala sa loob ng ref.

Q: Bakit mas mura ang Crab Paste ng Cleys kesa sa iba?

A: Eh kasi po ang layunin po ng Crab Paste nila ay para mapagana ang bawat piging ng magkaka pamilya o samahan..mas affordable mas maraming makaka kain..may kalakip po na pag mamahal ang bawat garapon ng Cley’s Crab Paste…at hindi puro pabida lang at magkapera.👍

Q: Ano ang kaibahan ng Cley’s Crab Paste sa ibang Crab Paste?

A: Ang Cley’s po kasi ay gawa ng isang butihin at maarugang ina na nagmamahal sa kanyang anak…kaya hinding hindi kayo magsisisi kung tatangkilikin nyo ang Cley’s dahil masarap po talaga at pure…parang pagmamahal ng isang Ina..tapat at dalisay.🦀

Cleys Crab Paste is Open for resellers and they do shipping and drop ship🚚🚚🚚

Aside from Crab paste , they now offer Atsara!

Cley’s Special Atsara with foil Sealed..

You may ship it nationwide..🚚🚚🚚

Available in 250g.. This tangy, sweet, crunchy pickled green papaya called ATCHARA or ATSARA. A favorite complement to grilled meat and fried fish. Try it too . Open for reseller and distributors😊

They have a good news for you this holiday season as they have Christmas packaging so you may buy this as a gift or giveaway. I got their 500 and 250 grams crab paste plus their atchara. I used it to make aligue rice topped with salted egg for my rice bowls . So good to have this anytime of the day , breakfast, lunch or dinner . Serving was generous, affordable and most of all it was so good and it will keep you coming back for more. Your family or friend who loves crab paste will be so much happy the moment they try it .

For orders, message them on Facebook or Instagram or txt at 09085721876

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