Papa Diddi’s launched its three Christmas flavors perfect for the holidays & has opened its 6th Branch in Eastwood Citywalk!

Christmas is just few days away and Papa Diddi’s is getting into the spirit early with the released of their three Christmas flavors ice cream.

First is their Quezo De Bola Ice Cream. They used Eden Cheese and its 100% local . They put the ice cream flavor in a beautiful and delicious Birds Nest with Rice crispies to make it more presentable when serve to ice cream lovers .

Second is the White Christmas. Simply delicious. They put it on a Papa Diddi’s cup and you may want to add some toppings on top like sprinkles , marshmallows, choco lentils , ginger, peanut butter , oatmeal etc.

The last Christmas flavor was Brazo De Mercedes . I can really taste the Brazo flavor on my Papa Diddi’s Ice cream. Perfect if you’ll buy cookies so you can have an ice cream cookie sandwich .

This is a perfect gift for all of us from Papa Diddi’s , their three Christmas flavors! Limited time offer, until Three Kings!

Another surprise from Papa Diddi’s is that they opened their 6th Branch at Eastwood. 4th floor Citywalk 2 near cinemas.You’ll gonna love it’s fresh look and the place was relaxing to eat some ice cream before or after having a movie .

Here are some Papa Diddi’s Flavors available at their Eastwood Branch . Malagos Choco Carmelo, Purple Love ,Barako Coffee Addiction; Mantequilla De Mani, Tres Leches, Carbon Activado, Queso Blanco, Keso Pandan, Galletas Y Crema, Roasted Coconut with Sunflower seeds , Cheese Closed, Chocolate Lovin, Milk Cookies ,Tsokolate De Cagayan, Davao meets Bicol, Toasted Oatmeal.

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