Ang Bagoong na walang katulad from Tito Bit’s Homemade Products is now ready for the Holiday Season🎄

Bagoong is one of many Filipinos favorite condiment. It is made of fermented shrimp paste . It has many uses on our table . It can be as condiment or as an ingredient.It has a special ability to give dishes rich textures in taste .

Glad I found the best Bagoong brand in the Metro! Tito Bits Homemade Products gives you the quality products easily available to the public . Influenced by the ancestry in the seafood capital of Metro Manila. Tito Bit’s brings Malabon City favorites to your home .

Their primary products was homemade Bagoong with crunchy pork bits. Tito Bits reminds of beautiful memories of home with family and friends enjoying Bagoong with green mangoes or santol or Lola’s Kare-Kare for Sunday lunch.

Each bottle prides of choice ingredients with only natural preservation techniques used . What’s more the guarantee of crunchy pork bits inside very bottle .

Got their Tito Bit’s gift pack for Christmas perfect for my friends and family. The price is very affordable .

Php 390.00 includes:

1 bottle original homemade bagoong w/ crunchy pork bits

1 bottle spicy homemade bagoong w/ crunchy pork bits

1 Tito Bit’s craft paper bag

Green dotted ribbon

1 Tito Bit’s customized gift tag (w/ a secret gift to your recipient for 2020!

I wanna try it first before I send it to my family , and friends as a holiday gift .I had my Kare-Kare for lunch . Both used the Original and Spicy flavor on the top of my hot rice. Both flavors are so good . For me the difference of Tito Bits is their crunchy pork bits . “ Bagoong pa lang ulam na “! It’s so crispy and the Bagoong is not salty. Loved the packaging also so it’s a good Christmas idea for me on what to give to my special someone . This is the best Bagoong I’ve tasted in Manila and I enjoyed it very much . That feeling that I can stop eating and craving for more.

Instant Binagoongan or Bagoong Rice to Solen that hunger ! Bring with you the memories of home . Highly recommended!

How to order , here’s an ordering guide 🔽

They also have a Buy for a Cause .A fund drive for victims of Mindanao earthquakes. When you buy your favorite Tito Bit’s Homemade Bagoong with Crispy Pork Bits from November 05 to 20, 2019 through their Facebook page, a portion from each transaction will be donated to the victims of the recent earthquakes in Mindanao.Kumain ka na ng masarap, nakatulong ka pa!

Give the gift of yummy Special Bagoong with crunchy pork bits from Tito Bits Products that your family and friends will truly love.

They deliver around NCR and nearby .

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