My Top 1 Suggested Vegan desserts in Manila !

Vegan desserts has been gaining popularity here in Manila . This is not just for strictly vegans but also for those who aims to have fitter and more healthier lifestyle .

Glad I discovered this vegan dessert shop. Elle’s Bakes offers delicious and affordable vegan cupcakes , cookies , brownies and they also have regular cakes and since it’s Christmas they have Christmas cupcakes with beautiful holiday designs .

Elle’s Bakes started October 2019 this year . The name of the brand was the name itself of the owner.

Saw on their social media that they have vegan cupcakes so I tried because I’m a huge fan of cupcakes.

First i tried the Mocha Chip Vegan Cupcake. This cupcake flavors is so beautiful ! It’s moist and fluffy . No dairy , no butter and egg, for short lactose free! The chips are also vegan . It’s not too sweet and tasted just right for any cupcake lovers like me .

The second cupcake flavor I got from Elle’s bakes is their Double Chocolate Vegan cupcakes. I loved this because it has also a cherry on top . It’s like a Black Forest type of cupcake flavor for me . Perfect for vegetarians and lactose intolerant .

I’m not a vegan but I enjoyed my vegan desserts from Elle’s Bakes. I would also recommend to give it a try because it’s not only looks beautiful,but the taste is also delicious . So if your health conscious especially with desserts , you should give it a try . It’s good for the body since these vegan deserts has natural ingredients with many nutritional benefits and most of all get to help the environment and produce less waste too while they’re at it .

You can order these vegan cupcakes per piece, half dozen and dozen . Got a dozen of these healthy vegan cupcakes for only 540 pesos . They have a very elegant packaging but in a very affordable price.

You may consider these as gift ideas for Christmas giveaways . Look at these cute Christmas cupcakes from Elle’s Bakes. Beautifully fresh baked everyday .

How to order :

Cash basis only . You can send downpayment at BDO. Send your payment to this account::

Account Name : Danielle Marie Sy

Account Number:010710022255

These products are more recommended for meet ups . Lead time is three days . You may send them a direct message on Facebook or Instagram.



You may call also at 09178018078