MommaPosh, your delicious decadent dessert shop!

Momma Posh, originally started as Pinky Posh way back 2012 selling clothes and accessories online. When the owner was still single back then she named it Pinky Posh because she loves pink and love elegance. Eventually changed it into  Momma Posh last 2015 when she became a mom. She started selling stuff that moms can use such as slimming tea and coffee for moms who wishes to lose their postpartum weight and personalized essential oil blends(2018). Then she started selling dessert pies on the same year when she started selling personalized essential oil blends.

Cooking and experimenting food has been her hobby or passion ever since. It has been a form of stress reliever for her. She loves creating food as she loves eating. Desserts have been one of her comfort food ever. Fortunately, family and friends who’ve tried her creations have given her really good feedbacks. Even her husband’s officemates have been telling her husband that she should be selling her pies and dishes. It’s been a while already too, that her sister has been encouraging her to sell her creation, especially the Mango Cheese Pie.

Mango Cheese Pie is actually her very first pie for Sweetie Pie by Momma Posh. Then eventually she decided to create Avocado Cheese Pie which became one of the best seller too.

She decided to start selling her pies because of the encouragement and great feedbacks she’s been getting from people who tried her pie. When making her pies or other food for that matter, She always make sure that she only use ingredients that she herself would consume. So all the pies are based on her own likings and the ingredients are of quality because as a mom she only wants the best ingredients for the family and of course , the same ingredients are being used for the pies that she sell.

As of today, they have 10 kinds of cheese pies namely:

♥ Mango Cheese Pie (w/c has 1kg of fresh ripe mangoes in every order)

♥ Avocado Cheese Pie (seasonal)

♥ AvoMango Cheese Pie (seasonal)

♥ Mango Blueberry Cheese Pie

♥ White Chocolate Matcha Cheese Pie

♥ Blueberry Matcha Cheese Pie

♥ Coffee Cheese Pie

♥ White Chocolate Pumpkin Cheese Pie

♥ Banana Cheese Pie

♥ Mango Banana Cheese Pie

They have 2 sizes of cheese pie, 8×8 tray and 6×2 tin can.

Price range is from Php550 – Php 1300

All pies are made to order. There is a 3 day lead for pies that has fresh fruits. And 2 day lead for pies that does not consist of fresh fruits. Pies are made a day before the delivery date to ensure quality and freshness of the pies.

They also have Matcha Almond Milk Spread that comes in 2 sizes which are

♥ 240ml (Php 300)

♥ 500ml (Php 500)

I was able to try their best seller Mango Cheese Pie. I love mangoes that’s why I liked it so much ! It’s not your ordinary pie as it was loaded of one kilo of fresh mangoes ! Not to sweet so it’s a perfect dessert anytime of the day.

I also tried the coffee matcha cheesepie. It’s a great combination. Coffee and matcha lovers will surely love this . The coffee and matcha taste are not too strong so they blend very well to be a perfect dessert .

Last but not the least is they have a very unique spread. Matcha almond milk spread from MommaPosh is healthy and nutritious . Perfect for crackers or breads . Enjoy the health benefits of this spread too.

All of their products are one of a kind ! Haven’t seen or tasted anything like them . A perfect gift this holiday season to family and friends!

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