Kitycups Homemade : From their Kitchen to Yours

Looking for budget friendly meal for your event ? There’s this online food shop that offers all day packed meals .

They have the following : Beef Tapa with Rice (75) , Pork Tapa with Rice (75) , Pork Tocino with Rice (75), Longganisa with Rice (75) . Your choice of 3 with rice is only 90 pesos only . Good deal right . It also has mixed vegetables on the side.

Tried also one of their bottled products which is the Gourmet Tuyo (300g) . Available in Original and Spicy. Price range from 150-160 pesos only .They also offer Chili Garlic in Corn Oil and herbed butter .

Then you can also buy frozen products like Longganisa, Beef Tapa,Pork Tapa and Pork Tocino. Please refer to the photo below for prices .

They also offer personalized cakes and cupcakes .

Big Taste , Less Fat

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You may teach them at 09063641787 for orders