Hui Lau Shan has a Big Surprise this October 18!

Hui Lau Shan was known for their mango creations that was originally from Hongkong and now all over the world has come here in the Philippines and has a big surprise for us as they will launch two of their series this October 18!

Brown Sugar Milk Series will be available by then in all Hui Lau Shan branches all over the metro! Try their five (5) amazing flavors: Mango Milk, Banana Milk, Melon Milk, Milk Tea, and good ‘ol Milk!

Hui Lau Shan Philippines is proud to presen also their Milk Tea Series! Starting October 18, you can get it in all Hui Lau Shan branches across the metro! And to celebrate the launch of their 2 new series, they got a buy 1 take 1 promo for the Milk Tea Series from October 18-20*!

Available in five unique and truly #BIGSMILEEVERYDAY – inducing combinations!

🥛Milk Tea w/ Mango Pudding & Sago

🥛Milk Tea w/ Aloe Jelly & Sago

🥛Milk Tea w/ Grass Jelly & Sago

🥛Milk Tea w/ Mini Chewy Balls & Sago

🥛Milk Tea w/ Mango Jelly & Sago

( except the Grand Emerald Tower branch)

Speaking of their Grand Emerald, People from Ortigas should get ready because Hui Lau Shan was excited to bring a #bigsmileeveryday to you so they we’re happy to announce the opening of their Grand Emerald Tower branch on October 21! Celebrate with them through their buy one take one on all drinks promo starting 3pm onwards!

Hope to See you there!

Save the Date October 18 and Oct 21!

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