The cutest quality desserts online shop in the Metro

Sweet tooth people like me no matter how much they eat, there’s alway a room for dessert .

Recently I found an online dessert shop on the Internet . The name was Betsubara which literally translates to “separate stomach” in Japanese means that there’s always room for dessert .

It is a home-based bakeshop offering cute quality desserts which started last November 2017. They are online business based in Paranaque .

I’ve tried three of their products:

1. Fuwa fuwa cheesecake -it is a light and fluffy japanese cheesecake which can be serve warm or chilled. When warm, the cake slice jiggles. I loved it when it is warm . I can really taste the goodness of the cheesecake .

2. Sansy Bear- This is our version of sans rival. Layer of nutty meringue, creamy french buttercream and toasted cashews. It’s so cute to eat . You will fall in love with this cute Sansrival bear.

3. Sansy Bites (To be released soon) – It is their version of sans rival chips. A snack to munch on with cashews in every bite.

Aside from these three items , they also offer Choco Pecan Kukki, Kawaii Macarons, 6 inches cakes like Mangalion, Fuwa Fuwa ( original , strawberry , matcha , sugar free ) and cheesekitty. Please see the photo below for the complete products and prices.

The products that Betsubara have is not only too cute to eat but also so good to eat and most of all , a dessert that goes to the heart ❤️

Cakes are available for pick up in Paranaque . For deliveries , additional charges shall be applied .

Please allow them to have 2-3 days lead time upon order to make it. They also accept customized orders for special events .

Payment is thru BPI and BDO.

A desert that you must give to special people in your life .

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