Dear Barbara’s Sinugba Ihawan famous Boodle Fight sa Bilao is now open at The Woodpark Marikina

Boodle Fight sa Bilao is perfect for all kinds of gatherings; occasions and even pasalubong to family and friends.

One of the many ways to bond with families and friends is eating together that’s why Boodle Fight became popular.

Last Oct 4, went to the newest foodpark at my beloved city in Marikina , The Wood Park Marikina Foodhub and Events Place .

I was intrigued by the news of my fellow Marikeños that there is this newly opened stall inside this foodpark that serve delicious Boodle Feast sa Bilao packages and very affordable.

Choose from three (3) packages: 📌 SET A – (569 pesos) good for 3-4 persons. May 4 pcs of BBQ, 2 pcs Inihaw na manok,6 pcs Siomai , 1pc inihaw na bangus, itlog na maalat, talong at okra 📌 Set B – (669 pesos) good for 4-5 persons. May half chicken , sizzling Sisig ,6 pcs Siomai , 1pc inihaw na bangus, itlog na maalat, talong at okra 📌 SET C (769 pesos ) Good for 4-6 persons . May half chicken, sizzling Sisig ,liempo , 6 pcs Siomai , 1pc inihaw na bangus, itlog na maalat, talong at okra

Less than 1k lang para ka na nag-pyesta sa dami ng pagkain at unli rice pa!

Order na ng Boodle Fight Sa Bilao , perfect sa gala ng barkada, at pang salu-salo ng pamilya!

Aside sa Boodle Fight, their Ihaw-Ihaw is a must try . Serving your favorite street food like laman, isaw, balat, tenga,bituka ng baboy. Price range from 8- 24 pesos only.

They also offers single servings on their menu like Siomai , Pork BBQ, Liempo,Lechon Kawali, Sisig and it’s all comes with rice . I enjoyed their Sizzling Sisig for only 99 pesos . It’s a bit spicy so it’s really perfect for cold beer and drinks .

They have a cocktail tower with free appetizer for only 350 pesos , pitcher of beer with your choice of pulutan for 259 pesos , and a bucket of beer for 350 pesos only. So don’t worry beer happy !

They also have a meal for sharing that’s good for two persons . It comes with two rice per order .

For Merienda , they offer hotdog on sticks , siomai and cheezy nachos for a very low price .

Dear Barbara’s Sinugba Ihawan is not only best at night but even in the morning because they offer delicious and affordable Silog Rice Meals that is perfect for students near the area . Price starts from 35 to 45 to 55 pesos only . They start serving breakfast as early as 8am in the morning . All your Silog favorites are here and tried their tocilog already here . Meat was tender , sweet and loved the garlic on top of the rice . I’ll be back again and want to try all of their Silog meals .

At dahil ihaw sa uling ang mga pagkain dito kaya sobrang sarap ang Boodle fight sa Bilao ng Dear Barbara’s Sinugba Ihawan.

Now you can enjoy Boodle Fight sa Bilao and nga ihaw-ihaw with a very affordable price . Service was fast and their staffs are friendly and accommodating.

Tara na at mag- food trip na kayo sa Marikina 🍽 📌 For reservations, call or text at⬇️

S: 09988844186

G: 09276427757

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