The newest and hottest seafood restaurant in Quezon City!

Filipinos loves to eat and many of us are seafood lovers like me . So if your looking now for the best seafood restaurant, I would suggest you need to try Dampa Seafood Grill Manila .

Thank God it has finally arrived here in Manila ! Dampa Seafood Grill Manila is an authentic seafood restaurant and serving mainly filipino dish founded in Dubai way back 2012 and in 2018 it has expanded to Abu Dhabi and has captured the taste buds of both Filipinos and locals in the Middle East . Since then it became popular among Filipinos and foreigners due to its great tasting food , ambience , and outstanding service . Now Dampa is finally home to serve us where the food concept started .

Dampa Seafood Grill Manila is now the latest Filipino Seafood Restaurant in Town! It has quickly gained popularity so many celebrities and famous people have been visiting the restaurant.

Last October 2 in the afternoon I visited the place together with some of my foodie friends. We are all curious and same time excited with the unique concept of this seafood restaurant.

Dampa Seafood Grill Manila is a two storey restaurant. The ambience is relaxed and welcoming . What I loved Dampa is that it’s very spacious and very neat too. A posh casual dining place in Quezon City where the vibe is fun .

Now it’s time to reveal their menu . They have Chefs Special, Fish Menu, Chicken & Meat, Paella nights which is available during Monday and Tuesday and the highlight of their menu was their Dump @ Seafest .

Dump @ Seafest is a must try at Dampa Seafood Grill Manila and I’m very lucky because I have finally tried it . For 1,599 pesos , they dumped the freshest catch to your table . It has crabs , shrimp , clams, and mussels plus corn with 2 liters of fishbowl mocktail and unlimited rice good for 2-3 persons .

You can choose delicious flavors for your Dump @ Seafest like Mardi Gras, El Mexico, Salt Experience,Thai Curry and Cajun! Both tried the Cajun which is a bit spicy and I like the way it was and the salt experience of your also a fan of salted egg you’ll loved it too! I both enjoyed the Cajun and Salt Experience flavor .

You can also spice it up your way from Level 1 – So So, Level 2-Oh my God and Level 3- F#CK.The Unlimited Rice is for Seafest orders only . They only charge the leftovers so better finish your plates clean .

For the drinks I have tried all their Fish Bowl Mocktails. It’s a non-alcoholic drink . It’s only 198 pesos per 1 Liter:You can choose from its six refreshing flavors: Sex appeal, Green minded , Blue Jobs, Lindsay Lohan, Amaretto Sunset and Incredible Hulk. It’s really nice to see all this non-alcoholic drinks to our table as it was very colorful and it has a very nice container with colorful straws.

Then the waiter finally gave us our gloves. Really amazed with the quality of the gloves they used here as it was very thick and in good quality. Then they set the wax paper to our tables. Few minutes after they gave the gloves , the staff stood beside our table and holding a container full of crabs, shrimps ,mussels and clams and pour it on our table . The server then placed heaps of steamed rice in the bowl where seafood cake from and tossed it lightly and the sauce left in the tin bowl did not go into waste as he pour it also on the top of the rice and seafood .

I took photos and videos as the waiter dumped my favorite seafood right in front of us in our table ! It’s so beautiful to watch it . It’s really a different kind of concept and experience which I only find here at Dampa Seafood Grill Manila . The thrill and excitement it gave me was memorable .

I was so hungry that time so i immediately put on my gloves . Dampa serves the freshest seafood that’s why it tasted so good. Of all the seafood restaurants I’ve tried here in Manila , it’s now the best seafood restaurant for me . The sense of delight was present in every mouthful . I love their sauce as it doesn’t overwhelm the natural delicate taste of the seafoods so it compliment!

We also had additional seafood orders like Grilled Squid, Baked mussels that is so cheesy and I loved it very much ! Then we had also their Grilled Bangus . The Baked Mussels is a must try here too!

For the meat , we had the pork sisig and their Ultimate Crispy Pata is for the Win! It was so crispy and it’s so delicious whether you dip in a soy sauce or not.

I ate so much and I was really satisfied with the food that we had here. Then afterwards we check out their second floor after we finished our meal .

The UPPERS at Dampa Seafood Grill is a fresh location to spend your drinking nights! After munching on your seafood delicacy, you can choose your favorite booze and chill ’til your heart’s content. A cozy place with upscale interiors and perfect as your next hangout place; and that’s the Uppers!You can book the Uppers for your special events, message them at 0916 105 2421 or email at

Be treated as a VIP when you hold your party with them . They have a private function room where you can held your parties and want some privacy . It’s good for 20-25 pax

*Minimum 15k consumable food & drinks

*Unlimited KTV use

*Parking slots available

Call them at 09161052421 for booking!

The Uppers was so big and it can accommodate many guests so you can enjoy your seafood party here plus the bar and good music will give so much fun and entertainment.

My overall experience at Dampa Seafood Grill was totally amazing ! From the food , to good location as it was accessible to go to , you have a car or not it’s easy to go there , the ambience , the music , price was affordable, generous serving , friendly and accommodating staffs , a bar where you can party all night . Now you know why I have the best seafood experience! I would encourage my family and friends to try this seafood restaurant too. Dampa Seafood Grill Manila has captured my heart .

For faster transaction you may call or text them at 09161052421.

📍71 Sct. Limbaga Brgy. Laging Handa QC.

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