Everlasting sa Sarap ang Nanay Ipang’s Everlasting!

Everlasting is a dish meatloaf originated in Marikina . It is usually served whenever there is a gathering like fiesta etc. Some called it Llanera and considered as one of the signature dishes of Marikina.

It is usually made of ground pork ,tomatoes , egg etc and it is commonly served in oval shaped and steamed.

Glad I found the brand that offers the best everlasting in Marikina.

Nanay Ipang’s Everlasting started online business June 2016. They named the business Nanay Ipang’s Everlasting because it was the owner’s Lola’s recipe that’s why she like to give all the credits to her Lola. For the products, they have the Famous everlasting, lumpiang shanghai, Hamonado and sinantol.

You can enjoy eating in as palaman sa tinapay or ulam sa mainit na kanin.

Lola Ipangs does not only have good everlasting products but the other products like Lumpiang Shanghai was so crispy and delicious , the hamonado is perfect also for any occasion especially this coming Christmas, perfect giveaway treat and loved the sinantol for it is spicy and the one who cooks it is from Bicol so it is really good .

About the life span . Everlasting can last 1-2weeks, Sinantol, shanghai and haminado will last to 1week.


Shanghai – 10pcs for 100 pesos

Hamonado 220

Sinantol 85

Everlasting 150

They are also accepting pre-orders for Ham & Cheese Dynamite. 10 pcs for 150 pesos only . Perfect for Merienda or Pulutan.

Mode of Payment are thru BPI or GCASH. You may order everyday . Operational hours is from 8am to 6pm.

For orders , they are accepting pick up also delivery via Lalamove, Grab and Happy Move .

Open also for resellers . Now you can enjoy these great tasting food to your home . So delicious , and very affordable most of all easy to cook . Perfect also to serve on gatherings.

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Basta gawang Marikina , Masarap!