The Perfect Filipino restaurant for the Balikbayans!

Few months from now and we’re celebrating once again Christmas. It’s the time where are family, relatives and friends from other country go home . It’s a tradition that we meet and have a reunion and so here is a place that I would really recommend .

Naimas Taste of Home serves Authentic Northern Filipino Cuisine. Their first branch was at Amorsolo in Makati and then moved at SM Light in Mandaluyong City.

The owners is also a foodie where they tried some local food in the Northern area and this gave them an idea why they want to offer this to their restaurant.

“Naimas” in Ilocano means delicious . That’s where they got the name of the restaurant . Many Balikbayans are visiting this restaurant because they prefer the Classic Filipino dishes offered here that many Balikbayans cannot eat while they were abroad .

Naimas offers Favorites, Soups, Appetizers, Merienda, Desserts, Drinks , Extras.

Last Thursday, I went to some of my foodie friends to try Naimas because some of them lived nearby. We had the following dishes:

🍽 Naimas Bagnet (250) – it’s a famous Ilocano specialty . A Pork Belly cooked deep fried and they have a bagoong sawsawan. This is one of the top favorite dishes by Filipinos. This is also their best seller⭐️ . It was so crispy and I can finish the whole plate because it’s really good .

🍽 Pinakbet (230) another Ilocano specialty dish . This vegetable dish has tomato, ampalaya, string beans etc. So for those looking for veggies , they got you .

🍽 Paksiw na Mata ng Tuna – (280) now if Balikbayans are craving for tuna this is the dish they make want to try

🍽 Pinatisang Baka (340) ⭐️ this is the owner favorite dish and a best seller too at Naimas. You can only find this dish at Naimas. The beef was tender and the broth is perfect. It’s like a Bulalo for me.

🍽 Sinampalukang Kambing (320)- This is a must try on the soups offered at Naimas. It’s my first time to try eating a Kambing it’s tender end perfect to the broth . They also offer Papaitan, Imbao,Sinigang na Bulalo

🍽 Aligue Rice – (100) if you missed the aligue Rice well they have it here . Good for sharing . They also have Sisig rice , plain and garlic rice

🍽 Gisaeng Balot (220) a must try on their appetizers . I didn’t heard any resto that offers this one on their appetizers . It’s really an interesting dish . The balot was perfect and the sauce was delicious . You can have it already anytime of the day

🍽 Crispy Garlic Isaw (240) – your favorite street food is here too and they made it crispy so you can enjoy it more . So good .

🍽 Chicharon Bulaklak (240) -it’s a flower Chicharon and a popular Filipino appetizers . It’s my childhood favorite too and better also pair it with cold beer.

🍽 Sizzling Sisig (260) – aside from Ilocano dishes , Naimas offers also this top Kapampangan dish. The perfect blend of tangy and spicy . You may have it as party appetizer or hearty dinner entree too

🍽 Naimas Nachos (260) – I am a fan of nachos . What I loved about Naimas Nachos is that it has generous serving , the nachos is crispy and has a lot of toppings

🍽 Leche Flan (120) – we had this for our dessert and known as top dessert in the Philippines. The dining table wouldn’t be complete without this dessert. It tasted so rich and heavenly .

🥤 Pitcher of Iced Tea (150) – for solo iced tea its only 65 pesos . Other drinks offered are Soda in can , Brewed Coffee, Tsokolateng Batirol, Fruit Juice , Calamansi and beers

They have an ongoing promo . If you buy two buckets of beer, FREE Pulutan . Check out Naimas for complete details about the promo .

All Prices are VAT inclusive


This is now the Balikbayans go place for a Filipino restaurant whenever they come back here in the Philippines. All the Classic Filipino dishes that they craving for so many years they could already find it here . My foodie friends and I really enjoyed our dining experience. All the food served was good and dishes was really inviting . I will definitely bring my balikbayan relatives and friends here . At night , you’ll enjoy drinking beers as they have an alfresco dining and enjoy the fresh air there . This service was good as staffs are attentive and accommodating. Prices are affordable and food was good for sharing . If you want to celebrate special occasions like birthday , or even meetings they have a second floor and you may rent it as they have a flexible packages .

Naimas is truly a Taste of Home 🏡

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Opens from 10am to 10pm everyday