Tea Panda 🐼 is your quick serve take out hub in Antipolo!

Tea Panda started as a Mobile Milk Tea kiosk opened in April 2019 by the streets of Antipolo catering specifically to students, thus the allowance friendly price.

A family of self confessed milk tea lovers run this venture from logistics, training and operations.

Despite for being known as reasonably priced, the brand boast quality milk tea using all imported ingredients.

In June 2019, Tea Panda began to operate as a quick serve take out hub in Bonifacio st near Antipolo Cathedral. Guests can feel the family ambiance and the personalized customer service which makes Tea Panda a promising milk tea brand in Antipolo.

Personalized customer service starts from friendly store staff to sharing guests moments in Facebook which boosts the brand popularity among youngsters.

They offer the following:


🐼 Classic Pearl

🐼 Wintermelon


🐼 Okinawa

🐼 Matcha

🐼 Taro

*Fruit Teas (Jasmine Green Tea)

🐼 Strawberry

🐼 Green Apple

🐼 Honey Peach

*Yakult Series

🐼 Strawberry Yakult

🐼 Green Apple Yakult

🐼 Honey Peach Yakult

Add Ons:

Black Pearls , Coffee Jelly and Nata – 10 pesos

I loved their Salted Caramel, Wintermelon, Chocolate, Taro and the Fruit Teas and Yakult Series is must try too!

Their Milktea is really delicious and satisfying to everyone who loves to drink Milktea . One that I liked also with Tea Panda aside from good taste , price is very affordable! Imagine price starts at 49 – 79 pesos only ! Then they really have a cute panda packaging cup . You can have it delivered to your home and have a Milktea party to your house just like what I did . You may book with Lalamove.

Enjoy your sugar rush with Tea Panda your one stop Milktea place that suits your taste buds and pockets .

For more details and for orders , send them a message on Facebook ⬇️


Cute and Friendly Tea Panda staffs are waiting for you 🐼


⏰ 10am – 10pm