Paradise Dynasty Chef’s Recommendation only at the Podium!

Paradise Dynasty is my #1 Favorite and the Best Chinese Restaurant in the Metro. They are awarded by T Dining Philippine Tatler as Best Restaurants for 2019.

Paradise Dynasty Concept is originated from Singapore and known for their 8 types of Xiao Long Bao and considered as world class.

Yesterday I am back again at Paradise Dynasty Podium Mall in Ortigas. This is my second time here .

Have you tried their Chef’s Recommendation dishes? These dishes are cooked to absolute perfection.Available at The Podium branch only and I was really lucky to be able to try all of these great dishes !

Here are the dishes that I’ve tried:

👩‍🍳👨‍🍳Chefs Knows Best

📌 Deep Fried Duck 🦆 with Steamed Bun ( served half ) – you can ask the server to assist you. This is so good and the bun’s texture is perfect and the taste of the duck . (1,288 pesos)

📌Grouper with Fine Nuts and Fruits (1,288 pesos )

📌Grilled Grouper with Tofu in Mapo Tofu Style (1,288 pesos )

📌Shanghai Style Braised Pork Belly . The pork was really tender and it’s one of my the dish I liked most . (588 pesos)

Honestly , everything that was served from the Chef’s Recommendation is all good . Serving was generous and perfect to order on large group. Price is reasonable. Chef’s knows Best! 👨‍🍳

Then I tried also a dish from The Szechuan Cuisine.

Szechuan Cuisine is a style of Chinese cuisine originating from Schuan Provins and usually bolds flavour particularly the spiciness🌶 as well at the unique flavor of Szechuan pepper :

Had their well known Szechuan dish , the beef slices are boiled in a spice soup with Szechuan spice . This Poached Beef in Chilli Oil is only 788 pesos ! This is my second time to try this . The spices makes this dish perfectly good 👍

They also have other delicious and interesting Szechuan dishes :

📌Poached sliced fish in Szechuan Chili Oil (788)

📌Ma Po Tofu (288)

📌Poached Chicken in Szechuan style (298)

Level of spice 🌶

🌶 less spicy


🌶Very spicy

And my Paradise Dynasty will not be complete without my favorite Xiao Long Bao.

Have you tried the World’s first 8 International Flavoured Xiao Long Bao? Only here 👇

This is a must try everybody’s favorite ❤️ (Special Dynasty Xiao Long Bao) 8 Flavours

To ensure the optimum tasting of these 8 distinct flavours, start from the Original Flavor and in the following sequence ending in Szechuan Xiao Long Bao! 📌Original Flavor – START

2. Ginseng

3. Foie Gras

4. Black Truffle

5. Cheesy

6. Crab Roe

7. Garlic

8. Szechuan -END 📌 8 pcs is 388 pesos only

For desserts another favorite of mine was served. The Charcoal Custard Lava Bun. 188 pesos only for 3 pcs . Note that there is a proper way to eat this so the lava won’t spill.

For beverages I had two of seasonal fruit shakes . Mango and Melon. So refreshing and not to sweet. Price is only 150 pesos .

So if you want to savor the exquisite flavors of Southern and Northern China 🇨🇳 Be awed by the experience,quality food and excellent service at Paradise Dynasty. Podium Branch is a must visit as the Dragons🐉 impeccable presence is at this branch .

Wanna know why Paradise Dynasty is my favorite Chinese Restaurant? Food was perfectly cooked , the taste was so good, the place was elegant and if you’ll see the price you’ll be amazed that it’s affordable, presentation of the food and food styling was excellent and the warm service by the staffs the manager makes me wanna go back . They make you feel special.

If you have special occasions . They have a private room that can cater you for your family , friends and guests . The room was very nice and private. Better call for reservations.

Find them at the following branches :

📍Conrad Manila – level 2 S Maison Mall Of Asia Pasay 📞 8288333

📍SM Aura- level 2 26th street McKinley Taguig 📞 4783333

📍Podium Mall – level 2 The Podium Ortigas


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