Influencers Tea Party at Bubba Lab Finest

Bubba Lab is my number #1 neighborhood cafe at my beloved city in Marikina. They started on year 2012 at their Marikina Heights Branch and was conceptualize in Singapore. After the Marikina Heights Branch they opened at Graceland Plaza in Lamuan Marikina which is near my place so it’s really my go to place cafe and the newest branch is at Bubba Lab Finest in Lamp Quarters in Marikina .

They provide us scientifically delicious tea ,juice and coffee. They are more than just a drink because they also offer savory Labtizers and food options .

Last Saturday, I attended an Influencers Tea Party at Bubba Lab together with fellow foodies and bloggers at their Bubba Lab Finest.

They have launched new drink and food on their menu and glad they are expanding . Happy that we’re one of the first to experience the great tasting drinks and food of Bubba Lab.

Bubba Lab food and drinks served :


💜Super Nova – battered fish , squid fritters ,jojo and super nachos ,served with spice infused vinegar, plus three dips of choice (260)

💜Tic-Tac-Tots – Sweet potato stix mozzarella sticks and tater tots served with tomato salsa dip and garlic aioli (230)

💜Tri Potato Medley- crinkly fries , sweet potato stix, and jojo’s complimented with two dips of choice (210)

💜 Lab Cuterie- Bratwurst Kielbasa and Hungarian sausage served with a honey mustard dip and coleslaw (270)


💜Classic labdog -gourmet sausage of choice on a slice baguette topped with tomato ketchup , pickles relish , honey mustard dressing and complimented by potato chips (140)

💜Chicken Slaw Croissant-chicken slaw, cucumber , lettuce ,enveloped in their buttery croissant complimented with potato chips (160)

💜Ham and Cheese Croissant – ham and melted cheese enveloped in their buttery croissant complimented with potato chips (150)

📌A Lab Minute

Belgian grid cake 145

📌Lab Treats

💜Mango Muffin 75

💜 Chocolate Muffin 75

💜Red Velvet Muffin 75

💜Choc Chip Muffin

📌Creme Brulee Series

💜110 Medium

💜120 Large

Creme Brûlée Frost (Cbx)

Mango Brûlée Frost (Mbx)

📌Chocolate Chip Cookies- 35 pesos each

📌 Tea

Original Earl Grey

Mango and Strawberry

Tea and Infusions

Green Tea

Rose Tea

Verdict :

📌Food- I’m really happy that the menu expanded. From my favorite Labtizers now I can also enjoy sandwiches and the Hungarian sausage is really good and their teas too! A must try . They make sure their food and drinks was served fresh and to the highest quality offerings.

📌 Service – they give us a positive experience to labmates like me throughout our stay at the lab and maintain a great neighborhood feel . Third wave vibes!

📌Ambience – you would enjoy their Lab Concept and makes each visit a new and fresh experience for Labmates. We have a comfortable seating inside , FREE WIFI and cozy ambience

📌 Price- very affordable

*You may also consider Bubba Lab to a Pop Up and cater for your corporate, social events if you like it.


I’ll be back at the Lab for sure 👍

Branches :

📍 Marikina Heights Marikina

📍Graceland Plaza Marikina

📍Bubba Lab Finest Lamp Quarters Marikina

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