Petechel’s Bulalo House is your New Bulalo destination in Makati

No need to travel to Tagaytay just to sip a hot Bulalo because now you can have it at Petechels Bulalo House in Makati. 

Bulalo is a native Beef dish from Southern Luzon. It is a light colored soup thats made rich by cooking beef Shanks and marrow bones for hours and has a delicious broth, seasoning and veggies. Many Filipino’s loves to eat Bulalo especially during cold and rainy season.

Last August 7, I found out a restaurant that serves a good, affordable Bulalo place. 

Petechels Bulalo House started last April. It is named after the owners Peter and Rachel and both of them used to travel to Tagaytay so that gave them an idea why not open a Bulalo Place on their own.

They offer Bulalo, Appetizers, Silog Meals, Sizzling Plates,Pork, Chicken,Seafood, Veggies,Pancit,Sizzling Pulutan, Rice, Drinks, Softdrinks, Juices,Liquor, Hard Drinks .
Together with my foodie friends, we tried the following dishes:
✔️ Bulalo- they have a good for two persons for 180 pesos , and 4-5 persons for 350 pesos only.
* the beef shanks was tender , the broth was really good, and has a very generous serving for its price .

✔️Canton- they served a mix of Bihon and Canton. I was really surprised with ther serving , small size but can feed around 2-4 persons already. Perfect for sharing.

✔️Buttered Chicken-  This is one of their best seller too. Ive never tasted anything like this . If your going to see its appearance , it looks like a normal chicken but the moment you taste it, its really good and this is the best kind of Buttered Chicken ive tried . Price of whole chicken is 320 pesos and half is 180 pesos only. Perfect for sharing.

✔️Lumpiang Shanghai- This is a must try at Petechels too. The lumpia was so crispy even when its not hot anymore. The ground pork was tasty on the imside.  You can eat so much of this as it was really addicting . 12pcs is only 100 pesos !

✔️ Tapsilog- the beef tapa is sweet and tender. The egg was soft that you enjoy eating it together with their tapa. The serving was so big and the price is only 75pesos . If you loved silog meals youll love Petchels for sure. They also have other silog meals like Spamsilog, Bangsilog,Tocilog, Chicksilog,Cornsilog, Porksilog,Hotsilog and Porksilog.

✔️ Tokwat Baboy- the perfect pulutan. I loved the crispiness of the tokwa plus the Lechon Kawali together with onions and soy sauce. Perfect for sharing and serving was generous for 90 pesos .

✔️Pork Sisig – the Sizzling Pork Sisigis a bit hot with mayonaisse dressing on it and egg on top. This is perfect pair for ice cold beers. Served with rice for 100 pesos only . 

✔️Tuna Panga- if your tired of eating Pork and Chicken, its a dish that you need to try. The fish is fresh and delicious.

Food was really good , serving of dishes was very fast; prices are so affordable and serving was generous and lastly, the owner and the rest of the team are very hands on, hardworking, accommodating .

They will be having a VIP Room soon where you can enjoy a private room with your companions while enjoying their KTV services.
If your busy and no time to visit no worry because you can order via Food Panda and Grab.
A hidden gem in Makati that every foodie should check out!

📍Unit 101 EGI Building 2, Mola St. corner Primo Rivera Makati City 
– near Shopwise Pasong Tamo
⏰ Restaurant Schedule
12:00 pm to 1:00am
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