So-Mot Viet Taste , an Authentic Vietnamese Cuisine

Vietnamese Restaurants has already have a good impression here in the Philippines.Have you tried an Authentic Vietnamese Cuisine? Well you shoul visit So-Mot Viet Taste!

They’ve been operating 2 years already here in the Philippines. They offer healthy and affordable Authentic Vietnamese dishes to the local people of the Philippines .
Last August 5, together with my foodie friends check this out. We’re all excited to try what does an Authentic Vietnamese Cuisine looks like and taste like.
They have these 495 pesos combos which will be launch soon. 
🇻🇳 Fresh Spring Rolls 20 pcs – Goi Cuòn
🇻🇳Fried Spring Rolls 10 rolls – Nem Ran
🇻🇳Fried Noodles – Mi Xao 
🇻🇳 Salad Noodles – Bun Cha Thit
It is placed in a big bilao. Perfect for sharing and for parties or you may have this for potluck parties. Both spring rolls and fried spring rolls are delicious while the noodles is as expected good too plus the chicken and the chopped fish adds to the taste of the noodles .
Another Vietnamese favorite dish we had is the Banh Mi. It is a bread made of wheat like baguettes. You can choose from Chicken, Pork and Ham. Half is 75 pesos and whole is 125 pesos.These Vietnamese subs is perfect to any foodie who needs a delicious and healthy snacks.
A Vietnamese Foodtrip would not be complete without trying the Pho Noodle Soup. We tried their Pho Bo Beef Noodles . Regular size is 168 pesos . Who wouldn’t love a classic Vietnamese noodle soup like this one . The broth was so good and no wonder why this became the National dish of Vietnam.
They also offer Pho Ga or known as Chicken Noodle Soup. 168 pesos for Regular size and 228 Large size.They also have affordable rice meals from 125 pesos to 168 pesos .

Last but not the least we tried their Nuòc Beverages. They served Hot Drip Coffee,Calamensi Green Tea and the Vietnamese Iced Coffee was so good and refreshing plus the price was so cheap.
What I loved about So Mot Viet Taste is that you don’t need to travel all the way to Vietnam just to try an Authentic Vietnamese dishes . They brought the Authentic Vietnamese Cuisine so that Filipinos can enjoy it too without spending too much . Good quality Vietnamese dishes that is good , healthy and perfect for your budget. Most of all the owner and his team are very friendly and accommodating, good customer service.
They are located at Madison Commons 1 Brixton Street Kapitolyo Pasig. They also have a stall inside PC Supermarket and weekend bazaars in Greenfield District.
For deliveries , you may order via FoodPanda and Grab Food.
For more updates , follow them on social media :
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