Hui Lau Shan PH is now open at U.P Town Center

One of the most widely consumed fruits in the world are mangoes as it has sweet and contains more than 20 vitamins and minerals .

Philippine Mangoes become the key ingredient in Hui Lau Shan’s iconic mango sago which quickly become a massive hit in Hongkong in 90’s. From 90’s up to year 2000, it is a must visit for anyone in Hongkong. Hui Lau Shan and their mangoes made their way to over 280 stores globally .

And this 2019, after three decades , we welcome our prIzes mangoes back home as they finally have a taste of the world’s most loved mango desserts .

Hui Lau Shan are best known for their mango creations. Their first branch was at SM Megamall then at Promenade Greenhills, SM North Edsa, SM Fairview and the latest branch which opened two weeks ago is at UP Town Center in Quezon City.

Yesterday I went to visit Hui Lau Shan newest branch as I was excited because it’s now near in my residence in Marikina. This would be the nearest Hui Lau Shan branch . The place was nice , spacious and modern. There were also seats for diners .

This time I tried their C5- Mango Pomelo with sago. 18 oz is 140 pesos and 22 oz is 160 pesos . It was really good so I finished it all.

Then they have these Cheesy Milk Series . They have mango , avocado and watermelon . Since I have tried mango drink I decided to try watermelon in this cheesy milk drink series and it’s so refreshing . Price is 140 pesos .

Aside from fresh fruit drinks , they also have fresh fruits desserts . We tried some products from their handmade snacks . Mango Mochi , 6 pcs is 160 pesos and mango pancake 2pcs lis 140 pesos .

Hui Lau Shan will be my favorite fresh fruit drinks and dessert place and will always give us #BigSmileEveryday

Stay tuned to their social media as they will open more branches soon …

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