Golden Chicken House since 1983!

Golden Chicken is one one of the oldest Chinese Cuisine located at 163 N. Domingo St. San Juan City.

Started around September 1983 and it was the owner father’s business . Mainly delivery until they put up a dining area because they got a free space . The restaurant name before was Holy Chicken and then changed it’s name after his father died .

The restaurant now has around 30 plus employees . Part of their earnings goes to Volunteer Fire brigade they made and 2005 when they started the Golden Fire Rescue & Volunteer Unit Inc.

Golden Chicken House is your family restaurant in San Juan. It is San Juan Original Home of Great Tasting Chinese Dishes !

They have House Specialties, Golden’s Special Pansit sa Biloa, Chicken , Pork, Seafoods, Beef , Vegetables , Soups, Rice , Toppings , Others , Drinks

Last July 2, I visited this humble Chinese Cuisine . I tried their best selling Pineapple Honey Fried Chicken . Whole chicken only cost 350 pesos . I loved the taste of the skin up to the chicken meat . Next dish that i tried was the Pata Tim. It’s 445 pesos only. It’s a Filipino braised pork dish slow cooked until tender in soy sauce and you may request for additional pechay for a minimal cost. I also had some veggies and first time that I tried Beef Button mushroom , the beef is tender and blends well with the mushroom . Price is only 103 pesos . I had their BBQ Pork 5 sticks . It doesn’t have any fats only pure meat and it’s only 125 pesos . Last but not the least , their Pansit Canton Bilao. Available in Small, Medium, Large and XL. It has delicious toppings like quail eggs, pork etc. Other special Bilao offered are :,Bihon, Miki-Bihon, Miki Guisado, Chami, Spaghetti, Sotanghon,Satemi,Sieng Chew , Chamisua and Suoer Special Chamisua.

They also customized packed meals & party trays according to request and customer budget .

This is the restaurant where you can eat everyday and it won’t burn your pockets .

The ground floor has around 20 seating capacity while the second floor which they used for small private events like intimate weddings , Birthday , family reunions and other special occasions has around 50-60 seating capacity .

They have affordable party package when you book your event with them . Imagine they have a package around 3,500 pesos good for 20-30 persons consumable , what a great deal !

You can order Golden House Chicken Chinese Dishes also in advance if you want to have it deliver to your home or offices . Free delivery !

They also accept credit card for Dine In only and only Cash payment for take out .

I was really amazed with this humble restaurant . They don’t only served 100% freshly cooked dishes all the time , good quality , delicious , generous and affordable dishes

I was lucky also to meet the man behind the success of Golden Chicken House . This man has a big heart. I support and admire his dedication and advocacy in putting up the Golden Fire & Rescue Volunteer Unit. By patronizing this restaurant , we are also helping them to raise funds in supporting this brave and heroic firefighters to save lives and property . As of this period , they now have two beautiful fire trucks and it came from the earnings of the Golden Chicken House .

If you have kids you may bring them for a quick tour at the fire station.

I highly recommend this restaurant , good food and budget friendly and most of all staffs are friendly and accommodating.

They are accepting packed lunch too for parties .

For orders : call and text at


6684088/4631456 to 57


Opens from Monday – Sunday

⏰ 9am-9pm

And for FIRE EMERGENCIES call FIRE BRIGADE Hotline at 🔥522-22-22

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