Buns & Bros giving you the Ultimate Burger Experience !

There are so plenty of burger place in the metro but glad I found this one that totally standout from the rest .

Buns & Bros opened its door at the Ayala North Exchange last March . Crafting for you the Ultimate Burger Experience and this is what their buns is all about . They meticulously consider every component of one’s eating pleasure to ensure that the food they serves are enjoyed in the best possible way .

Last June 20, my foodie friends and I went to Buns & Bros that afternoon in Makati and see for ourselves what is this burger place has to offer .

Located at the 2nd floor Shops of Ayala North Exchange in Makati.

When I looked at their menu they really have a lot of good food to offer . We tried the following :

Classic Burgers

The New Kid – (180) homemade brioche bun, B&B secret sauce

✅ The Heartthrob – (215) everything the new kid has + cheese

⭐️ The Player – (295) double the patty , double the cheese , double the trouble

⭐️ The Old School – (240) homemade brioche bun , cheddar cheese ,bacon , classic burger sauce .

B&B Signature’s

All these beef burgers come with Angus beef ;lettuce and tomato .

⭐️ The Assassin – (225) roasted black sesame bun with cheddar cheese , shredded nori, miso sauce and wasabi mayo

• this is the burger that I ate during our visit . This is their best seller . From buns to their patty it’s all perfect ! My tummy was full . You can have it for sharing too. The taste is different from all the burger place I tried . This one is really special .

✅ The Boss (265) Black Beer Bun with home made smoked bacon ,caramelized onions ,cheddar cheese, hickory barbecue sauce .

✅ The Eager Beaver (265) home made brioche bun with fried egg , bacon , cheese and maple aioli .

✅ The Bomb (265) roasted black sesame bun with homemade jalapeño cheddar cheese and jalapeño ranch sauce.

You have an option if you want to order of extras like beef patty , bacon , cheese, fried eggs , caramelized onions and onion strings sauce .

Then we had also two of their Who’s that Chick.

🐔🍔 The Chick Flick ( 220) homemade brioche bun , boneless fried chicken ,honey mustard glaze ,Asian slaw and honey bbq sauce

🐔🍔 The Feisty Chick (275) roasted black sesame bun ,boneless fries chicken,Louisiana jalapeño cheddar glaze , fried onions , pickles and ranch sauce.

• I’m glad that they have an alternative for those who want beef in burgers , chicken burgers is a must try too .

Burgers is perfect when you have Sides.

We got garlic feta fries ,onion strings and nasty fries . I enjoyed their Nasty fries while eating my Assassin burger . The fries has melted cheese , grilled onions ,pickles and nasty sauce .

Aside from burgers, they also have Rice Meals . We got their best seller Boneless Buttermilk Fried Chicken . It has juicy deep fried chicken , served with chicken gravy , topped with fried lettuce and crispy shallots for 235 pesos only . So if your not a burger person well at least they have a rice meals too and totally delicious .

After your Ultimate Burger Experience, there’s always room for desserts .

We tried their doughnut bites, handcrafted donut bites to the end. You can choose from classic , premium and assorted bites and their donuts is much bigger and delicious to other doughnut bites I’ve tried and has exciting flavours to choose from .

Last but not the least , my favorite Lava Cake. Lava cake ala mode on the go. The good thing is that you can now take this home 150 pesos only and 15 mins baking time .

Cooking time at Buns & Bros was so fast , and they are self service .

If your looking for an Ultimate Burger Experience? Buns & Bros is the place to be .

We had a great time , burp!

Thank you to @ThePatkidinside for this invite !

Opens Monday to Saturday from 11am to 9pm and closed on weekends .

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