Spice up your life with this delicious crab paste from Wander-Ful Foods & Travel

Sinful but savory ang crab paste na ito na nagpapa-sarap ng madaming lutuin.

Ang crab paste ay gawa sa aligue o taba ng talangka from Wander-Ful Foods & Travels.

Their online selling and reselling started since 2014 and they used to sell health & beauty products.

They started selling aligue last January 2019 and the business was a hit . Their previous Facebook page was Trends for Less Ph by Yams but was deactivated last two months ago due to unknown error at Facebook page .

They ship every Wednesday only. And their cutoff of payment is every Tuesday. Payment First Policy. They cannot do the Cash On Delivery since their product is perishable.

They cooked fresh crab paste . In the morning they will cook it and ship in the afternoon via LBC because they do not have physical store .

Pure Aligue/ Pure Crab Paste. No preservatives and no extenders added. Ready to eat . Shelf life is Up to 7 day room temp, up to 1mo. if refrigerated and can lasts up to 3mos if frozen.

At kung pasarapan ng crab paste ang pag-uusapan, ang Wander-Ful Foods & Travels na crab paste ang napakasarap.

Masarap ihalo sa mainit na kanin or noodles para maging aligue rice or pasta aligue. Sinama ko ang aligue rice sa favorite ko din na happy crabbie.

Wander-Ful Foods & Travels is a distributor and supplier of crab paste . Available in different sizes (120 grams , 250 grams , 500 grams , 750 grams )

For orders you may call or text at 09060247398 or follow them on

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sandseverythingnice/

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