A New York Art Cafe is finally at Quezon City (Pookaberry Cafe) !

Pookabery is a New York Art Cafe opened last May 5, 2019. They serve specialty coffee, pastries , cakes , paninis and more.

Pookabery Cafe is now your new dining destination located at 36-B Scout Ybardolaza Sacred Heart Quezon City. Open from 11am to 11pm

Pookabery is a celebrity cafe and was created by a famous pop artist from NYC, Marco.

Who is Marco? Marco is a world famous legendary NYC born and bred Pop Artist who has been compared to the Keith Haring and Warhol of his generation . He worked on animated children’s cartoon , numerous film ,music projects , tv shows and has donated his artwork to philanthropi gala fund raisers . Marco also designed Limited edition Artist Swatch. To know more about Marco , you may visit his website on this link : http://www.marcoart.com

What makes this cafe unique is the murals made by the pop artist himself . When you visit the cafe you’ll be able to see Ollie teams up with his pal Pookaberry, the alien baby as the two explore the mushroom forest only to dive into an enchanted pool in an effort to escape from an unhinged hot dog . You’ll be happy to see the adventures of Ollie and Pookaberry on the walls of this cafe:

My first visit at Pookaberry Cafe was last May 24. I tried their Very Pookabery Cafe Ice Blended 16oz for 160 pesos only . This is their best seller . So if you loved Ube too, you’ll enjoy this drink like I do .

Then tried their best seller Pork Loin Panini for 240 pesos only . Jeanette Marco, the wife of this famous pop artist make sure that their panini was different from the other panini you’ve tried. It’s big and can compare to panini size in New York . It was really good and best eaten when hot . It’s good for sharing and sure you’ll get full even your on your half of your panini.

Then take home some of their delicious jams which they are selling at this cafe . Loved the sweet chilli jam mango and the chili jam orange .

They take pride also on their locally sourced coffee beans.

Then they also have a cute Souvenir Shop we’re you can find some great souvenirs like mugs and other stuffs with Marco’s sign.

Lucky to have the chance to meet the wife of this famous artist , Jeanette Marco. A woman beautiful inside and out . Very hands on to their cafe , together with their relatives and children .

And since I had a great experienced on my first visit , so I tagged my fellow foodies with me last June 5, 2019.

This time we were able to explore more of Pookaberry’s exciting menu .

For the drinks I had Strawberey Cream Cheese Oreo. Other Pookaberry Ice Blended drinks was served too like the Very Pookabery Ube which I tried before then Jurassic Milo and Matcha Oreo. They also serve hot and cold drinks . For hot drinks (Matcha, Cappuccino, Cafe Lattte) and for Cold drinks (Hang Over and Matcha Cream Cheese).

This time were able to try all of their delicious paninis. The pork loin , bacon , adobo and their avocado which I enjoyed much. They have a generous serving and again good for sharing on all their paninis .

Then we tried also their All Day Breakfast . They have Uncle Sam Big Breakfast, Breakfast ni Juan and Vegan feast. Whether it’s breakfast , lunch or dinner , you will surely loved their hearty meals.

Then for desserts , we tried their delicious slice of cakes . They have Ube cake , walnut carrot , NY Cheesecake , and Matcha Cheesecake . I loved the New York Cheesecake . If your interested to buy for whole cake just ask their staff for the price.

Plus they served cosmic cookies and cookie shots.

Pookaberry not only gives you good food ,good ambience but also excellent customer service . They have friendly staffs always gives you a smile on your face .

An interesting fact you need to know is this cafe has a heart . Part of their sales goes to helping poor children here in the Philippines through project pearls .

Pookaberry is not just a coffee shop , breakfast , lunch , dinner restaurant but also a performance and events venue .

Last June 9, 2019, their first weekend event , Music and Letters was a huge hit.

They have WiFi here so you can work on your laptops or phone and they provide also parking . If your a commuter, it’s also easy to find.

Thank you Pookaberry Cafe for an awesome cosmic experience ! A cafe that you shouldn’t miss .

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