Kampai Sushi Bar (Sake Pairing Dinner) May 31, 2019

Last May 31, 2019 , Kampai Sushi and Bar celebrated their Grand Opening at their new place at Cafe Lupe in Antipolo .

Kampai Sushi Bar serves authentic Japanese food and drinks in a cozy ambience where you can unwind , listen to live music and enjoy the overlooking view of Antipolo.

The event started around 5pm with a blessing from Father Nante Tolentino. The event was attended by the family , friends , suppliers , business colleagues , and new found friends.

Then Sake Pairing Dinner Event followed by 7pm until 9pm. It’s 900 pesos per person .

Here’s the Menu:

🍣 Appetizer (Zensai)

Tuna Tartare

Sashimi Rolls

Paired with Kizakura

Sparkling Stars

🍱 Main Dish (Meindisshu)

Wagyu Steak


Paired with Hakushika

Ginjo Namachozo

🍧 Dessert (Wagqshi)

Wasabi Ice Cream

Coffee Jelly

Paired with Gekkeikan

Kirei Peach

(Strictly by reservation)

I really loved the everything about this Sake Pairing Dinner Event . It was my first time to experience this such kind of dinner event . From Sushi , to main dish , it was really good especially the wagyu. It’s so flavourful . Then the wasabi ice cream is one of a must try here too.

Highlight of this event is the 9pm Live Performance of DJ Jon Tupaz . We really enjoyed the food and most of all the great music played by this famous DJ! It was indeed a fun night .

Ending our summer with a blast!

Don’t be sad because Kampai Sushi Bar is giving you more reason to say “Kampai”! Save the date (June 28,2019).

They’ll have a Sake Pairing Dinner Part 2. Friday 7pm to 9pm. 900 pesos per person . Strictly by Reservation. Get 30% on all bottles to go! So don’t miss out the fun.

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