Over Easy, your new hangout spot in Marikina !

Last May 29 evening , I was able to visit this newly opened restaurant in Marikina , Over Easy Chews and Brews.

Located at G&W Terrazza Gil Fernando Marikina City. It’s very easy to find and you can find them on waze.

They opened last May 11.

I was really surprised upon arriving as the place was really beautiful . There was a parking space for customers .

When I entered the place you’ll notice that it’s really big and spacious and the lights and the art design on the wall was really nice . You’ll feel that this is a place that you can eat and relax at same time .

We’re so lucky to meet the humble owners of Over Easy. They have an outstanding menu aside from their pretty place .

We started with their drinks . I tried their European Strawberry Drink. It’s so good and refreshing . I’ve never tasted anything like this before .

After that we had cheese croquettes. A Spanish dish featuring mashed potatoes ,and cheddar and Mozarella cheese roll into golden brown crispy ball served with marinara sauce (160 pesos) . This is one of the the food that I enjoyed most . It’s crunchy and cheesy.

Then they served two flavors of chicken wings . The Garlic Soy Chicken Wings and the Buffalo Wings . 1 dozen is 475 and 1/2 dozen is 265 pesos .The chicken wings was so beautiful especially the glazed when you look at it. Other Flavors . I loved to dip the chicken wings in to the bleu cheese dip. Other dip flavors were truffle aioli,aioili.

Then I was shocked when the pizzas came out . It was so huge! And looks really good . They served two flavors , four cheese pizza and surf and turf. If you loved cheese you’ll surely love the four cheese but if you love seafood , you’ll like the surf and turf .

Four Cheese Pizza (435 pesos ) pizza featuring a quarter of cheese , Mozarella , cheddar ,Parmesan ,and bleu cheese in Marnay sauce while surf and turf is 465 pesos . Handmade dough marinara sauce ,pulled pork, sautéed shrimps ,white onions , tomatoes , Mozarella , cheddar ,and Parmesan cheese , drizzled with barbecue sauce .

Then for the seafood , they served tuna belly with mash potatoes and vegetables . I loved tuna because it is healthy to eat and their mashed potatoes here was really good too.

Now let’s go with the pasta . They served truffle mushroom , pesto pasta , seafood marinara and classic carbonara . All of them were delicious but my favorite will be the truffle .

Seafood Marinara (285) – spaghetti with shrimps, mussels and clams in homemade tomato sauce .

Truffle Mushroom (355) – linguine pasta sautéed in button mushrooms in creamy sauce , drizzled with truffle oil.

Chicken Pesto (285) – penne in pesto sauce topped with grilled chicken thigh fillet .

Classic Carbonara (285)- pasta in cheesy , creamy egg sauce topped with bacon .

If your looking for stew? They served to us their Beef Shank Stew “Osso Bucco” . The beef was so tender . I really enjoyed this stew.

Then another huge dish came out , Full Rack BBQ Ribs. It has corn, mashed potatoes , mojos and fries . Very huge serving and perfect for sharing .

Now the menu will not be complete without good desserts. We had Oreo Cheesecake and chocolate cake then decadent brownie sundae for our ice cream dessert.

Not only that . They even have good coffee and Milktea ! I’m a Milktea lover so really excited to try their milktea . They have three delicious flavors. Classic Milktea ,Brown Sugar Milktea , and Butterball Milktea .

✔️ Delicious Food

✔️ Big Serving

✔️ impressive food presentation

✔️ nice ambience

✔️ affordable price

✔️ fast service and staffs are friendly and accommodating

✔️ has good internet WIFI Connection

✔️ there is a parking space for customers .

Now I don’t need to go far just to have a best dining experience because I already have here at my beloved city , Marikina 😊

A perfect place for family gathering , a date or even meetings .

They open as early as 7am up to 12am.

Had a great time with my fellow foodies here /

Follow them on their social media for updates

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/OverEasyPH/

Instagram: https://instagram.com/overeasy.ph?igshid=mele2l80bc3m

📍G&W Terrazza Gil Fernando Ave . Marikina

⏰ open from 7am-12am

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