Honolulu HK Cafe now on its second branch!

Last May 22 Wednesday, I attended a bloggers event at Honolulu HK Cafe second branch located at the Level 1 of Robinsons Place Manila Pedro Gil Wing. Now Manileños are more closer in trying the famous egg tart of Honololulu HK Cafe Philppines and other Cha Chaan Teng delights.

Just like on my first visit at their SM Aura branch, i had their Yuan Yang (Mixed Tea and Coffee with Condensed Milk Cold) for 130 pesos only.

For the snacks we had Curry Fish Ball, for the noodles we had Stir Fried Flat Rice Noodles with Beef, Garlic Spareribs, Deep Fried Prawns which is my number 1 favorite HK Classics. The Hongkong Curry in Casserole, and another favorite of mine was the Baked rice spaghetti/rice with porkchop in tomato sauce.

We had Coffee Bun and their famous egg tarts too. But what im really excited on their menu on this branch was the Barbecued Meat Selection:

✔️ Soy Chicken (Half 450) (Whole 900)

✔️Roasted Pork Belly (Regular 450) (Half 675)

✔️Roasted BBQ Pork (Regular 400) (Half 600)

I really loved their Roasted Pork Belly, the skin of the pork was so crunchy and tasty. Now thier Roasted Pork BBQ is a another dish that you must try too.

They also have Barbecued Meat with Rice on their menu.

✔️ Single Roasted Meat Treasure Set

✔️Double Roasted Meat Treasure Set

✔️Three Roasted Meat Treasure Set


HK Quakity FOOD ✔️

Friendly Staffs ✔️

Affordable Price✔️

Now you don’s need to fly to Hongkong!