Kampai Night at Tongara Ramen

Last May 4, 2019 , I was lucky to be invited for Tongara Ramen Kampai Night. Its a free flowing cocktails located at Lamp Quarters at my beloved city of Marikina.

Tongara Ramen is one of the popular ramen house in Marikina. Its my first time to go there and heard a lot of positive feedbacks and this time I can speak for myself .

Together with other Marikina Foodies, we were able to try this new launch alcoholic beverages.

The good thing about these alcoholic beverages that i tried , its not too strong for me . Im not a drinker but i liked the taste .

Now lets talk about Tongara Ramen. Tongara Ramen is more than a tasty bowl of noodles. Ramen Master Makoto Okazaki spent over a decade, honing his culinary skill and 3 yrs. percecting the Tongara Broth. No other Ramen House im Japan does these techniques anymore. Perfection in a bowl , rich broth labored over for hours, fresh springy wheat noodles savory , mouthwatering seasoning , and tasty breaded pork belly and creamy soft boiled egg all carefully selected to create a well balanced meal .

What nakes Tongara Ramen different? Its a rich organic flavourful broth, no flavor enhancers can replicate. You can instantly taste the difference even on the first slurp. Its all about the broth . Thats the key to be the best ramen.

If you love spicy ramen , try this Tantanramen. Tongara’s rich broth with deep flavors of sesame , and a bit of chilli pepper heat topped with minced meat, preserved japanese vegetables , Menma, Negi and Ajitama. For only 560 pesos . Serving was generous.

These spicy chicken and chicken karaage was so good. So crispy and one of the best chicken karaage ive tasted! Price is 200 pesos only .

Chahan is 150 pesos and Gyoza is 200 pesos .

Over all experience : Great Food and the best ramen in Marikina !

Thank you Tongara Ramen for inviting us 😊

And for having me 😊 always a ramen lover🍜

They also have a branch Escario Central Mall Cebu.

📍 Tongara Ramen Lamp Quarters Marikina

☎️ 09171794718

⏰ 11am – 11pm

For more updatess , follow them on social media.

Facebook :https://m.facebook.com/TongaraRamenMarikina/