Cafe Lupe: A beautiful overlooking dining destination in Antipolo

Antipolo City is the 7th largest city in the Philippines in terms of land area and known for pilgrimage because of the cathedral of the Our Lady of Peace and Voyage. Because Antipolo is elevated , many tourists enjoyed the air cool place and the scenic view of Metro Manila and Cafe Lupe gives that experience to us .

Maybe your wondering how they came up with this name ? The owner is a devotee of Our Lady of Guadalupe and if you’ll visit the place you’ll see how he gets an inspiration to come up with this amazing restaurant.

Lucky to be invited for a blogger event at Cafe Lupe. It’s been awhile since the last time I visited this place due to busy schedule. I can see the transformation. First I checked out the Cafe Lupe restaurant. They turned it to a Filipino-Mexican restaurant .

Cafe Lupe offers wide range menu. From starters ,to pasta , sandwich, brick oven pizza , salad, Mexican Favorites, Cafe Lupe Favorites,Side Order, Sizzling, Breakfast, Soup and they even have Parilla Platter and Ala Carte to give you a taste of Bacolod dishes .

Sit back and relax because aside from good food they also offer a lot of drinks . They have a bar that gives you cocktails,beer , shooters ,hot and cold , juice and soda .

Their barista served that afternoon a margarita and their signature drink , Lupelada.

Then Cafe Lupe’s pride Chef Jimmy prepared some Mexican favorites like these Nachos Muchos , the nachos has an overflowing of cheese and toppings like tomatoes, jalapeños etc. Price is only 375 pesos . The tortilla chips was crunchy and serving was generous. Good for sharing . I loved nachos so I really enjoyed this a lot .

Then another Mexican favorite that was served was Chicken Quesadilla. You have a choice also if it’s beef or chicken . Price is 295 pesos and I loved when I pour a ranch on my quesadilla , it’s so good .

Perfect pair also with a beer 🍻 while enjoying the sunset 🌅

Then after I tried the Mexican Favorites , Chef Jimmy served also two of their best sellers Filipino dishes . Beef Kansi and Pork Kadyos for 460 pesos only . Perfect for lunch and dinner . The meat was tender and you’ll loved the broth too . Perfect for sharing too .

I really enjoyed everything, from drinks to food and of course the view. Cafe Lupe is the only one that can give you the best view in Antipolo. Plus you can enjoy also the cool breeze at night and they have live bands on weekends.

So if your a music enthusiast, please drop by Cafe Lupe and enjoy listening to their live bands . But if you want some family ktv, they have it too .

They have different packages .

KTV 1 and 2 is good for 15 pax and the KTV 5 is good for 30 pax . Food and drinks consumable. You can reserve family ktv for bday parties ,corporate sessions , team buildings ,reunions , get together and many more.

Another reason why you need to visit Cafe Lupe is that they also have an art gallery , so if your into arts you’ll appreciate the location .

They have billiard table , table tennis and Cafe Lupe was kid friendly too ,there is a swing which they can use to play and enjoy.

And since it’s summer , Cafe Lupe has this amazing infinity pool for people who loves to swim and can enjoy a great view while swimming . They have a Bed and Breakfast Hotel that has a very affordable price. Fully air-conditioned rooms , LCD TV cable channels , WiFi connection , daily housekeeping and a breakfast for two .

They even have Boxing gym and Cafe Lupe is open for Private Events. Everything that you need is already here . Now more reason to visit this place when you go to Antipolo. It’s just near Metro Manila .

Cafe Lupe

📍Sumulong Highway 1870 Antipolo Rizal

☎️ 470-32-01