The best spinach dip in the Metro from Talia’s Kitchen .

Do you eat spinach ? Now you should like I do😊.

There are plenty of reasons why you need to eat spinach :

πŸƒ high in fiber, so it helps keep you full.

πŸƒ helps prevent cancer

πŸƒ Anti-inflammatory

πŸƒ High in Anti-oxidants

πŸƒ lowers high blood pressure

πŸƒhelps improve vision

πŸƒstrengthen immune system

πŸƒ promotes healthy glowing skin

πŸƒ strengthen bones

πŸƒ and a lot more …

Are you ready to find out this spinach dip that I’ve tried which is gluten free, pure spinach , cheese goodness , made fresh with love πŸ’•.

So lucky to received this very delicious dip at home 🏠. I tried eating it during breakfast together with a hot pandesal .

Then at afternoon , I tried pairing it with Skyflakes for my Merienda .

Whether it’s bread or crackers , the spinach dip was so good!

Can’t stop eating and didn’t notice that I’m almost half way consuming it. 😊. This is the best spinach dip I’ve tried in my life . Highly recommended πŸ‘

So if your interested to order here’s some info you should know .

Pre- Order:

Small – 100 ml (200 pesos)

Big – 200 ml (395 pesos)

Modes of Payment:

Accepting Palawan, Cebuana, G-Cash. COD is accepted . If via Lalamove, they charge 100 pesos on top of SF for the service .

Delivery Schedules:

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday

Shelf Life:

Consume in 4-5 days

Keep Refrigerated!

Heating Instructions :

Bottle can be heated in Oven or Toaster.

How to order:

Throw them a DM on Instagram

Place your order now😊.

Can’t wait to use this spinach dip on pasta 😊🍝

Till my next food adventures…

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