Motto Motto: All Day Japanese Restaurant at the heart of Serendra

Motto Motto Philippines opened last December 2018 at the Ground Floor of Bonifacio Global City. It’s an all day Japanese Dining Restaurant .Perfect for a leisurely morning , lunch with officemates , snacks with friends and dinner with family get together full of Japanese flavors. Motto Motto is a perfect spot for all generations even for kids. Enjoy all day , everyday comfort food now !

Last April 10, 2019 , I was one of the lucky bloggers who were invited to try the latest offer of Motto Motto Ph.

Arrived around 3pm and this was my first time to go here . I heard a lot of good feedbacks about this resto and that’s why I’m so excited to go here . As I open the door 🚪, saw a cake stand that has full of delicious and very cute cakes , the cake was not ordinary so I was really amazed looking at it .

Then beside the cake stand was full of freshly breads 🍞. They have their walnut milk (70pesos) , Matcha Pan (70pesos) , Melon Pan (70pesos) , Custard Cream Pan (70pesos) and Baked Curry Pan for 105 pesos .

They even also have this Sarah’s Artisanal Treats. Pure Matcha Powder Culinary grade from Japan 🇯🇵

I was amazed with their beautiful ceilings which has a cherry blossom 🌸 look 👀 and so many lights so the resto was bright .

The walls has this Japanese look 🇯🇵👀

Then the kitchen was modern Japanese and very cute .

Now time to talk about their menu. I was really shock to see that they have so many dishes to offer . All that you want in a Japanese Restaurant was there .

Their classic menu were the following : All Day Teishoku Set Menus, Go Sashimi, Go Sashimi, Sushi Yo Yo!, Maki Aburi Style , Japanese small plates and snacks,Okosama, Yakitori,Noodles Ya,Motto Motto Donburi, Curry Rice, Motto Merienda , Desserts etc.

We started with their beverages .

We had strawberry guava yakult for 150 pesos , blueberry house made cream soda topped with vanilla ice cream and cherry 🍒 for 175 pesos and lemon 🍋 fresh from the motto fresh beverages menu for 245 pesos and its freshly squeezed fruit juice 🥤.

They also have Housemade Fruit Milk, Soda and Float , water, coffee , beer, sake and a lot more . So many drinks to choose from 🥂.

So now they launched a new menu …

This is a perfect lunch deal. Starts at 195 pesos only . Very affordable right especially if your in a budget . Offers everyday from 11am to 2:30 pm. All sets comes with cabbage , miso soup , salad and iced tea .

We tried these Mapo Tofu with Pork , a bit spicy and you’ll loved the tofu , for only 265 pesos and this seafood Tempura Don 🍤 for only 325 pesos . The serving was generous .

Then another new menu was this Sizzling Teppan Series.. The Garlic Beef was so good and this is a must try ! Price is 275 pesos only . Comes with Miso soup , rice and iced tea . They also have Garlic butter squid ,Hot and Pepper Pork and Sesame Chicken.

For Motto Merienda, you have six delicious Merienda to choose from !

We tried one of these. Soba Set + Chahan + Gyoza = 275. The soba has a delicious broth and the chahan was perfect pair to gyoza .

Kids will also enjoy dining at Motto Motyo because they have this Okosama special ! (kids shinkansen set). It has spaghetti, chicken karaage,burger patty , potato salad ,rice and dessert .

Each set cost 295 pesos . A Motto Motto Special Set made especially for the kids and comes with a free toy 🧸!

And since Holy Week is already next week they have this Easter Roll 🐣

This delicious sushi 🍣 is called Easter Roll ! It has salmon , kani , cucumber,avocado, tartar sauce topped with ikura and sesame . 6 pieces is 350 pesos . The sushi was big and good for sharing . I enjoyed this egg roll very much !

Then we have Cafe Affogato , coffee ☕️ lovers will enjoy Motto Motto!

Last but not the least , we had dessert 🥞

Check out Motto Motto Pancakes All Day! (Japanese Soufflé Pancakes ) Now you can enjoy pancakes anytime of the day .

We had this Strawberries and Cream 🍓. It has strawberry compote,cream anglaise and topped with almonds . Price is 295 pesos , so good and can be shared . Strawberries are fresh and loved the cream .They also offer other delicious pancakes like souffles , banana and chocolate,and orange creme brûlée’.

This is actually a perfect restaurant to dine in Serendra ,where you can just meet up with your friends in the neighbourhood, the ambience was perfect for conversations and celebrations, service was fast and friendly and of course food was really good and pocket friendly!

Thank you Motto Motto Ph for the invite .

Location : Serendra Bonifacio Global City

Phone 📞: 9097011

8am to 11pm