Honolulu HK Cafe Philippines is now Open at SM Aura

Hongkong’s Honolulu Cafe has opened its branch in Manila . Located at the Lower Ground Floor of SM Aura Premier .

Way back in 1940, Honolulu Cafe started as an ice cream parlour . Nearly 80 yrs on, the company now has stores in Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan as well. Renowned for its signature egg tarts ,and the cafe also serves its house blend coffee.

Last February 28, I was one of the lucky food bloggers that was invited to attend a foodie event at Honolulu HK Cafe.

When you got into their store , you’ll immediately see the pastry stand . They offer different delicious breads.

Bo Lo BBQ Pork Bun (60 per piece)

Honolulu Bo Lo Bun (50 per piece)

Plus Crusty BBQ Bo Lo Bun (60 pesos) and Luncheon Meat and Egg Bun (60 pesos per piece).

Honolulu Café is well known for its flaky pastry especially their famous egg tart . It’s a must try here !

They also offer a promo. Box of 6 is 300 pesos and box of 12 is 600 pesos .

The ambience was really neat and nice 👍. This is a kind of cafe that you wish to go to .

For the Drinks , they have Hongkong Style Coffee (hot/cold) , Hongkong style coffee with condensed milk , Hongkong style Milktea , Hongkong Style Milktea with Condensed milk , Yuan Yang (Mixed tea and coffee ) . Prices are from 120-130 pesos .

They also offer lemon tea , Honey Lemon, Watercress Honey , Iced Red Bean with Milk , Ovaltine , San Miguel Pail Pilsen. Soda in Can and bottled Water.

They also offer other dishes that will satisfy your cravings.

Snacks ( Curry Fish Balls 10 pcs ) 198 pesos

Deep fried honey garlic spareribs (288 pesos)

Deep Fried Prawns with Thousand Island Sauce ( 488 pesos )

Curry Beef Brisket (328 pesos )

Hongkong Style noodle soup with fried egg

Stir Fry Hongkong Noodles (268 pesos)

Deep fried porkchop curry rice spaghetti

Steamed rice chicken with Chinese Sausage

All in all it was a great food experience. The cafe was painted colour yellow which gives a nice ambience , food was delicious and prices are worth it and staffs were friendly and attentive. Will definitely back to try other dishes and of course I’ll be back for the egg Tarts!