Ippudo Private Tasting Event (02/27/2019) at Ayala Malls the 30th


Everywhere they expand ,their mission remains the same , to spread smile 😊 and Arigatou πŸ™ through Bowls of Ramen 🍜. Ippudo brings the true and authentic ramen with much effort being invested in producing the highest quality soup ,noodles , ingredients in every place it operates

Here in the Philippines,with its own central kitchen dedicated to soup and noodle production , IPPUDO aims to dazzle Filipinos with its quality products , dynamic ambience and hospitable services .

They have set to open a new Ippudo store in Ayala Malls the 30th so I got an invite few days ago for a Private Dining Event which was held today and I am honoured to attend their Private Dining Event earlier around 11am which was attended by hundreds of people .

Guests has guaranteed seats but it would be a first come and first served basis ,

Each guests will be given a paper money worth 600 pesos and since I have my plus + 1 with me so we had a total of 1,200 pesos budget for our meals . Strictly you can’t exceed to the amount that they give to you .

They had this new Mushroom Ramen. So I tried it out of my curiosity. Finally tried Ippudo’s new Mushroom πŸ„ Ramen 🍜today ! Ippudo’s original thin noodles in a fresh mushroom broth ,infused with miso paste and garlic oil . Topped with braised silken Japanese tofu , ajikikurage, spring onions , bean sprouts,and fried mushrooms of three different kinds . For only 420 pesos.

This is my first time to eat a ramen without an egg and the pork , it’s just tofu but it tasted good to be fair with them and I liked the broth although can’t recognised that it was mushroom broth that I’m eating . Tasted good and serving was generous .

Then my plus one had the Another specialty of Ippudo! Ippudo’s original tonkotsu broth served with ultra thin noodles topped with toppings, combination of pork belly and pork loin,salted soft boiled egg πŸ₯š,and seaweed. Classic Hakata Style Ramen 🍜 Price is 495 pesos. #ShiromaruSpecial. I liked this better than the Mushroom Ramen.

Instead of Gyoza which will be the reason for us to exceed our budget , I decided to order a dessert because it’s much cheaper . Had this dessert 🍨 Black Sesame Ice Cream 🍨 Fragrant Black sesame ice cream with red bean paste and crunchy wafer for only 165 pesos . So good 😊 It can be shared for two.

For me Ippudo will always be the #WorldFamousRamen . I am a ramen fan and of Ippudo.

Watch out for their Grand Opening located at the Ground Floor of Ayala Malls the 30th.

Thank you for having me on your Private Dining Event Today 😊

So hurry , tag along with you your favorite ramen buddy πŸœπŸ‘«