Fly and Dine at Passenger Seat✈️💺

Last Chinese New Year, 15 Food Bloggers including me went to Passenger Seat located at the ECOM Building Riverbanks Center.

Glad it was a holiday so everybody was excited to try this amazing Airplane Thened Restaurant .From Aquilina Street they already moved here at Riverbanks Center. It is more accessible to commuters.

Let me again explain , why Passenger Seat, the young , beautiful and hardworking owner Ms. Mariae Franco Habijan dreamed once to become a flight stewardess 👩‍✈️ but she wasn’t able to pass the requirements of being a flight attendant, it didn’t stop her on reaching her dreams , so she together with her boyfriend and her very supportive family built this airplane themed restaurant hand in hand .

This is not my first tine at Passenger Seat but everytime I go here it makes me feel that I’m really riding an airplane ✈️. Every structure was designed that your inside an airplane . We had a reserved seats when we arrived. The seats were like a first class jet seats but if you only knew that the owner has a bus company and they turn those seats into to this airbus seats 💺.

The ambience here will make your heart very happy and not only the interior was Airplane inspired , even the menu ! The names of the food were names of different country’s and provinces here in the Philippines!

So many dishes were served to us that day. It was really a feast !


. Bulalo also called as “Tagaytay ” for 350 pesos

Sampaloc or ‘Sinigang na Hipon” 240 pesos

Zambales or Sinigang sa Miso for 235 pesos

Pampanga or Sizzling Pork Sisig for 169 pesosKare-Kare

International Flights

Mexico City(159 pesos ) served with homemade salsa , homemade beef, homemade sauce with tomatoes ,onions and torche cheese

California Burger (125 pesos ) homemade quarter pounder in special seasoning with three cheese and special tomatoes , lettuce, and cucumber.

We tried two chicken wings flavours .Kyoto is 159 pesos marinated in teriyaki sauce and New York marinated in buffalo sauce for 169 pesos .


France 🇫🇷 (155 pesos ) pasta in homemade salsa red sauce with shrimp and squid special seasoning

Rome (155 pesos ) creamy white sauce pasta with bacon mushroom and ham in special seasoning.

Italy 🇮🇹 (155 pesos ) pasta in olive oil sautéed with sliced minced garlic, red chilli flakes , mushroom bell pepper,and shrimp.

Highlight of their Menu is their Boodle Fights !

Palawan (all seafood )good for 2-3 persons for 599 pesos . It has daing na bangus , grilled stuffed squid ,buttered shrimp , red egg, okra , eggplant , ensalada, rice and pitcher of iced tea

Pilipinas . This is their best seller. Good for 8 persons for 1,499 pesos . It has chicken inasal, grilled liempo,lechon kawali, daing na bangus , grilled stuffed squid ,buttered shrimps , 2 red eggs ,okra, eggplant ,ensalada , rice and two pitcher of iced tea .

Manila (all meat ) goof for 3 persons .it has chicken inasal , grilled liempo,lechon kawali, red egg, okra, eggplant, rice and pitcher of iced tea .



Pangasinan- watermelon shake 125

Baguio – Strawberry Shake 125

Guimaras – Ripe mango shake 125


Shirley Temple (Pink Illusion) 75

Ray Rogers ( Cherry Cala) 75

For desserts

Both of them are really good ! Must try at Passenger Seat.

Belgium 🇧🇪 Sizzling Brownies for 130 pesos with Uncle D’s Ice Cream.

Their Uncle D’s Ice Cream Sandwich is Singaporean inspired . I recommend the Choc-Nut and Ube Gabi flavor . Very affordable, 75 pesos only !

The food here will give you a taste of different places all over the world 🗺. From Domestic to International flights !

Thank you Passenger Seat for inviting us . I will recommend this to those looking for Food Adventures. Fly and Dine .💺✈️

Good Food , Nice Ambience, Affordable price and staffs are friendly and accommodating and owner were very hands on.

You can also celebrate your birthday here like o do few years ago.🎂

Till next tine . See you all aboard ✈️💺

opens from 11am to 11pm