My Salamangka Food Adventure at Eastwood (Taste Magic!)

Last Saturday I was lucky to be invited for a Bloggers event at Salamangka in Eastwood . Prior to my event, I already heard about Salamangka from a DJ friend and he recommended this place to me . So when I found out that there will be a Foodie Invite here , I immediately accept the invitation.

Salamangka aims to be your third place meaning whether you are craving for morning Americano, a satisfying lunch , a work friendly environment for your afternoon team meeting, a happy hour craft beer, a tasty dinner or late night cocktails .

Salamangka is the 121 group’s latest project, bridging specialty grade coffee, homemade cocktail infusions and Engkanto craft beer on top .

The concept of Salamangka is inspired by Filipino mythological folklore while its menu incorporates casual coffee food with Pinoy twists . Food specialties included corned beef mac and cheese, itlog na Maalat Wings and TA-PI-LOG which stands for (Tapa, Pita and itlog) among others , while specialty coffee highlights include single origin pour overs , coconut and Choc Nut Lattes and the Kapeko 3-in-1 , a perfect gateway specialty coffee drink for customers whose palates favor 3 in 1 coffee. House spirit infusions pair gin, vodka , tequila and rum with ingredients like dried mangoes , oranges and even Thai chilli! Finally , their craft beer selection is by Engkanto beer , the finest microbrewer in the country . Regardless of what you ordered, you are sure to experience and TASTE MAGIC of Salamangka.

If you’ll ask WHY Salamangka ? Because Salamangka in Tagalog term is Magic . They want their customers to experience magic through their products and service and escape reality for a quick bit, unwinding with their beverage of choice and good company.

We started with specialty coffee .

I personally choose their Chocnut Latte cold drink from their Salamangka Signature Specialty Coffee . I am a fan of Chocnut when I was still a kid that’s why I chose and like this Drink after trying it . Price is 185 pesos . Other Sallamangka Signatures are :

☕️Bulletproof Coffee 180 pesos

☕️Coconut Latte 185 pesos

☕️Kapeko 3 in 1 150 pesos

Then for the Pika Pika (Nom-Noms) I tried the Itlog na Maalat Wings for around 340 pesos . Salted egg chicken wings served with Piknk. I enjoyed this too as I loved to eat itlog na maalat.

All Day Kanin At Ulam was served too. Tinapa for 189 pesos plus the meal I enjoyed most ,Sinigang sa Manggang Hilaw. This is one of a kind. Haven’t tried anything like this , homemade sinigang transformed from liquid to solid with a sour green mango twist . Price is 279 pesos only. I highly recommend this dish .

One of their specialty here at Salamangka is that they offer Vegan Kanto.

✔️ Vegan nachos – toasted pita chips with ground tofu ,yummza pesto Hummus , lemon and oil . Perfect for those watching what they eat . Add 20 pesos for cheese . Price is 199 pesos .

✔️Pita At Hummus Sampler- Original, Pesto , sundried tomatoes ,balsamic vinegar,and tandoori for 399 pesos

✔️Pita At Hummus- one yummza hummus choice paired with toasted pita bread for 280 pesos .

Then loved their creamy pasta too!

From food to drinks to service and most especially I like the ambience of Salamangka . The murals are made by talented Filipino artists.

Come and visit Salamangka day and night from 7am to 3am at Eastwood Citywalk.

Be Enchanted and Bewitched!

Thank you for the invite😊