Beanleaf Grand Opening at Fishermall (January 31,2019)

Coffee, tea, snacks and more, whatever you are in the mood for. Beanleaf offers a complete and enjoyable cafe experience. With so many coffee shops and milk tea bars mushrooming all over the country, there’s no denying Filipino’s penchant for this popular drinks. However, too many brands can become quite overwhelming. Something that business owners tend to overlook.

Typically, coffee shops and milk tea bars will only concentrate on one product, leaving their customers with limited options in terms of products to try. Having noticed this gap, Beanleaf was established in 2014 to offer customers a more enticing selection of drinks and dishes under one roof.

Focused on formulating a variety of flavors to achieve a wonderful selection of coffee and tea-based concoctions. Beanleaf only makes use of high-quality imported tea leaves, coffee beans and syrups. This resulted to an extensive selection of drinks that will please both coffee and tea lovers in one store, making it more convenient. Furthermore, customers can enjoy these with Beanleaf’s equally delectable selections of snacks and more fitting dishes.


SIP ON SOMETHING SPECIAL… Developed to give customers a more satisfying cafe experience, Beanleaf’s extensive menu meant being able to effectively bring together coffee- and tea-based drinks along with a more inventive take on comfort food favorites. Paying keen attention to the quality of its products, customer satisfaction is always guaranteed whether they have a traditional cappuccino or the brand’s take on milk tea favorites. With Beanleaf’s strength being its ability to adapt to customers’ needs by offering a new take on the usual favorites, Beanleaf offers a wide-range of exclusive beverages.


From their wide selection of decadent milk and coffee based slushes to our freshest fruit teas, Beanleaf will surely satisfy your taste buds. Beanleaf drinks are the perfect companion for you any time of the day, whether you relax inside their store or you are on the go.


Their drinks can be perfectly paired by some sweet treats or savory snacks. But if you are hungry, Beanleaf can cook something sumptuous for you! Take a bite on their imported sausages, freshly cooked everyday, or have a hearty rice meal that will surely remind you of home.

So lucky to attend the Grand Opening of Beanleaf last January 31,2019 at the 4th Level of Fishermall beside VIP cinema.

Opening highlights is a Meet and Greet with their model/actor Brand Ambassador Mr. Carlos Agassi.

They had a promo for their Grand Opening which is the Buy 1 Take 1 in all Milktea and Fruitea!

Tried their Wintermelon Milktea and it was so refreshing . For only 100 bucks I got two Wintermelon Milktea , what a great deal !

Aside from refreshing drinks , Beanleaf has also good meals like sausages , pasta ,fries ,sandwiches plus good desserts

Soon be will open more branches to serve you better 👍

Thanks also to Mr. Carlos Agassi for allowing me to have a one on one interview with him

Visit them now and #ConnectInEveryCup 💚