It is the Season to Surprise & Delight with Papa Diddis Handcrafted Ice Cream

Goodness in every scoop!

Papa Diddis is a unique ice cream brand because they make their own ice cream 🍦. The owner grew up in Northern Philippines to experience rural life of in its purest form .

The owner’s father was named Diddi’s. He is a dedicated lawyer has a passion to cook and a foodie as well. He experimented his ice cream maker until the owner ventured his father’s territory making home made ice cream .

This is the small way of paying tribute of a son to his Father who introduced him to the purity of home made ice cream and the person who taught him to never forget the poor.

Papa Diddis Family love πŸ’• for ice cream was captured in every Papa Diddis scoop 🍦. They have fresh ingredients and directly sourced to support communities out of poverty , hands up πŸ™Œ to the brilliant and a person with a big heart ❣ founder of Papa Diddis Ice Cream Paul Perez.

Last December 22 of 2018 , I received one of the best Christmas gift πŸ’πŸŽ„ , my Papa Diddis December Subscription came :

They sent me a delicious Christmas Flavour , the Quattro Leches πŸ™ŒπŸ¦πŸ˜‹. It is a playful mix of four different types of or forms of milk which is the carabao’s milk , coconut milk, sweetened milk and patillas (hardened milk)πŸ₯›.

I really loved this flavor as I am a fan of pastilles de leche and it tasted like that. Lucky to have a Monthly Subscription because each month they deliver you a “surprise” ice cream flavor and that’s really exciting right ?!

Every month my heart beats faster as I know another delicious and wonderful ice creation would deliver right on my doorstep .

Papa Diddis is the only Handcrafted Ice Cream that offers country’s first ever pint subscription and that all ice cream lovers of all ages can enjoy and indulge sweet delight and that’s only here at Papa Diddis .

The Pint Subscription has 3 months , 6 months and 9 months or 12 months as options and every 20th of the month , the subscribers will start receiving their pints !

All you got to do is fill out the form which can be found on their Facebook page . See the sample form below .

And now that it’s January 2019, cheers to more exciting ice cream flavors from Papa Diddis .

An ice cream with the heart ❣🍦 because Papa Diddis is not only focused on the business side but in helping and giving opportunities also to our local farmers .

Thank you Papa Diddis!

Papa Diddis Handcrafted Ice Cream

πŸ“168 Maginhawa St. Quezon City

Opens from 11am to 11pm