Your Trusted Falafel in Manila , Falafel Yo At Greenbelt Makati!

Falafel Yo established in July 2017 in Greenbelt 3, Makati. Serving authentic Israeli falafels and salad bar. The first of it’s kind in Manila. The group is managed by Yuval Mann ,Nofar Mann and Guy Mann. Israeli Nationals who has called Manila their home for the past 7 years. This is the team’s second food business project. Chaplin a chic-casual Israeli café located in Century City Mall opened 2015. Chaplin is very popular amongst the tourists and expatriates residing in the area and Poblacion neighborhoods for it’s contemporary all day café vibe and seamlessly transforms into a hot spot watering hole in the evening.

Observing and learning from their guests in the past two years drove them to create a new and simpler F&B concept. They realized that it was time for Manila to experience their famous Israeli street food staple.” Yuval shares.

Falafel Yo is scheduled to open 3 more branches in 2017 (Ayala Vertis Mall, SM North EDSA and an undecided location) and projected to open more than 20 outlets in the following year. The group believes that everyone should have access to quick, healthy, yummy and affordable food which is something difficult to achieve in Manila. (well, not anymore). You can find find Falafel Yo on the Cinema Level of Greenbelt 3, Makati City.

I was lucky to be invited at Falafel Yo Greenbelt 3 4 days ago together with other foodies like me 🍽

I was so excited because i haven’t tried falafel 🥙 in my entire life and this was my first time .

Falafel 🥙 is a deep fried ball patty made from ground chickenpeas , fava beans or both 😋 the dish is likely originated in Egypt .

We tried the following ….

🥙 Falafel Yo! ( The Original ) – 159 pesos

🥙 The Beast – a different version of same old thing . 199 pesos . This is what I ate and I feel heavy even if I just ate half of it. Honestly , I enjoyed eating falafel for the first time .

🥙 Kuku – a fried chicken 🍗 that’s worth the price 👍. Kuku means chicken in Hebrew .

🥙 Falafelito- this is the smaller version. You can have this if you are not quite hungry . For 99 pesos only .

Add Ons:

Hardboiled eggs 🥚 20 pesos

Fried chicken 🍗 40 pesos

Beef Patty 40 pesos

Then first time to try Pita Fries . What i admire at Falafel is that there no food wasted .

Pita fries has three flavours (sour cream ,za’atar, bbq) for 89 pesos only .

For Beverages , we had Lemon Mint and Lemon Pomegranate 🍋. The Lemon Pomegranate for we was so good and refreshing, perfect to eat with Falafel. They offer also sodas and bottled water .They have Fresh it Up Yo! You can choose from their fresh blends to pair with your falafel and get a free pita fries !

They have a Beast Challenge! Eat the Beast in 90 seconds and get a Free Tshirt!

For Simple, Fresh , Quick , Healthy Falafel you can have it also deliver via Honestbee and to Makati and BGC Folks , call 4887676, Delivery Guy, FOOD delivery done right ! 📦

Thanks to Sir Cyrus and Sir Guy for having us that lovely afternoon. It was a great afternoon falafel experience.

Now I have some falafel stories to share with family and friends🥙😋👍

Falafel Yo is located at 📍Greenbelt 3 and SM North Edsa.

#AileenLLovesToEat 😊🍽